Thursday, April 26, 2007

T Jay-ism

Today T Jay looked at me with his best sad face and asked me, "Mom, do you know why my face looks like this? It's because I am sad that I lost my PlayStation privileges."

Whatever works, right?!! I wonder if he thought he'd earn them back by being cute!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend in review

We had a pretty fun weekend, but took no pictures! On Friday evening we went to the park near our house and played until almost 6:30, had pizza and then got the kids into bed. I think it was the windiest day so far, without being a tornado! I spent the evening making Summer's birthday invites! I had so much fun. Pink paper, stick-on gems stones and spray glitter-They turned out really cute. I was so proud of my work! I love making invitations.
Saturday we did a small amount of cleaning and went to town. The kids had a primary activity at church. They went and sang a few songs at an assisted living facility there in Minot. The residents enjoyed the kids (ages 3-12). Summer stood front and center, folded her arms and stood there very solemn. At the end of each song, she would clap timidly and then fold her arms again. A lot of the people thought that was cute. T Jay sang very nicely. Afterwards. they went back to the church and made cards for the missionaries from Minot. We stopped by Dairy Queen on the way home and they didn't have my brownie batter blizzard, so I tried something new. My new favorite is the mint Oreo blizzard! No surprise there! We also handed out the invites for Summer's princess birthday party! She is so excited!
Sunday I went to church early for some meetings and Summer wanted to come with me, so I let her. It was fun to have her with me. Since she gets to wear her fancy dresses on Sunday, I think that's her favorite day of the week! She spends the day twirling and dancing! She also wanted to stay after with me. She has been a "mamma's girl" for a while now. Jess spent the evening watching earth day stuff on the Internet!
Not an exciting weekend, but very enjoyable!