Thursday, February 25, 2010

February Photo Blitz

Since I haven't posted many pictures of my cuties lately, here's what we've been up to...
Little Mommy Lexi
Dad's definition of feeding the kids breakfast. Translation: Marshmallow Matees in front of cartoons. It's no wonder they love him so!

Matthew is a great role model for Lexi...
She's a willing and able apprentice!
We spent lots of time snuggling in blankets due to the fabulous cold we have been able to enjoy! No, we don't use our heat and our house has been in the 60's (and a few times in the 50's, but Jess made me use the heat for that!)for about a month now! If you come to see me when it's cold, make sure you bring a jacket!! Love it!
Faces of our artist.
I love babies in bloomers!
Lexi is sick this week. Yesterday, she fell asleep in her highchair at breakfast. She had been up for a whole exhausting hour. While I was fixing Summer's hair she just couldn't take it any longer and drifted off (that's a banana). She pretty much only got up to nurse yesterday. I am taking her in today because after 3 days of on again off again mild fevers (I thought it could be teething), her ear has begun to ooze. Mystery solved, now we just need to get it resolved.
Well, there you have it folks. February in pictures.