Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And just one more from tonight...

"Mom you're hurting my feelings and breaking my heart."

T Jay's thoughts after being told that we couldn't to go to the park because it's too late tonight and that we will go in the morning. He remembered that he wanted to go to the park while in were in the tub bathing. He thought it would be just fine if we went to the park after their bath, and then just had another bath when we returned. No dice from Mom, so....

A week of quotes

Summer "What does germs look like?"
T Jay "They're very, very, very, very, very, very small. You have to put binocleears (That's how he says it) really close up to your skin to see them, or a telescope."

Summer "You're the bestest Mom ever. I'm the bestest girl ever. Mom, I want to hear you say it, that I'm the bestest daughter ever, I want to hear it. (To T. Jay) Only if you call me the best, I'll call you the best." So that's how it works! They did exchange "your the bests!"

T. Jay "No Summer, I like your singing, I just don't want to listen to it right now. I'm going to watch Diego right now.
Summer "After Diego you'll listen?"
T. Jay "No, I'm going to watch another Diego."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ceramics & Fountains

Last week we went to a ceramics shop. This place was great! The ceramics weren't expensive and they brought out juice and goldfish for the kids! We will definitely be going back. The kids got to pick a figurine and paint it. Summer chose a Cinderella slipper. She's ready to go.
T Jay really got into this. Usually it's Summer that is so into the art projects, be he loved this. He was very precise (for a 5 year old) as he painted his skateboard.
His finished unfired product. We had to leave them there to get fired for a week, so we'll see how they turned out on Friday.
Summer's slipper has like three layers of paint on it. I am interested to see which color shines through.
After the ceramic, we drove through McDonald's and then headed to this cool fountain park. It was so much fun. My favorite part was that it was interesting enough to all of the kids (Matthew included) that I could sit on the bench in the shade and watch them play. For those of you who know Matthew, that is a huge feat!!!
Summer playing in the fountains.
Taking a rest to snack and get warmed up. We had a great day and left only so Matthew could take a nap. I felt a little bad that I get to do things like this with the kids as much as I want and Jess has to miss out to go to work everyday. I told this to my friend and she said, "yeah, me too. But I figure that it balances out with the tantrums that we deal with." I agree with that logic!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pool with Dad

Getting the floaties ready so Matthew doesn't drown!
This is so fun, guys.
Dads are way more fun in the pool than Moms!
No fear, nope, none whatsoever!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Visit by Grammy Lia

Mrs. Grassman (mother of my high school friend, Tiffiny) came and visited us last Wednesday!! The kids loved having a Grammy to play games with and to spoil them a bit! Here they are enjoying a game of Candy Land. We also went downtown and had a fun dinner at the Keylime cafe and ice cream. I had a great time catching up! Thanks for coming!
She brought goodies for the kids from "Aunt" Tiffiny! Summer got a hula outfit for herself and her Barbie! She really looks the part, huh?!
T Jay was ecstatic about this metal detector! He took it to the beach this Saturday and looked for treasure. He gave up after a couple of treasure free minutes, so well have to work on his metal detecting stamina!!
Thanks for all of the fun stuff, Aunt Tiffiny!!