Friday, April 13, 2007

Little Baldy

This is my sweet happy boy! We went to an arts & craft show this morning and he was so good! Summer was at a play date and T Jay was at school. I didn't even have to bring a stroller in! I felt so fun and fancy free! It's the small things in life...


These pictures are all an attempt to recreate Summer's obstinate frowning face! I think that the 2nd and last one are the closest to it, in case you've never had the "privilege" of seeing it!!
Summer-ism: Jess picked up the kids from a friends house while I was at a cake decorating class at Crown Cakes. When thy got home, Summer wouldn't get out of the car. Jess asked her if she wanted to stay in the car, she said, "yes." When Jess asked her why, she said, "I'm going to Crown Cakes. I need a treat." Angry eyebrows and all!!
Notice that she is trying to help the frown come with her fingers in this one.

Not quite Summer!
There it is!!

Lego Star Wars

T Jay has become obsessed with playing Lego Star Wars. He wants to play as much as we will let him, which is during the kids nap time, pending he makes good choices. It is the one card that I can always play to motivate him to do what he is supposed to. He loves playing with Jess. Last night he and Jess were playing and having a great time. At one point T Jay said, "Hey, do you want to party?" as he was approaching the bad guys in the game!!! It's like he is in a bad 80's movie about to rumble in the alley with the bad guys! Funny boy!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Dinner

After dinner we gave them some cheesecake. TJay decided that they needed some caramel topping. As you can see we weren't around to monitor how much he put on! They loved it.

Here are TJay and Summer right before dinner. They were very excited that they got to eat at the bar instead of at the table.
Here is their toast. They call it 'dinking'.

Here is Matthew - super happy as always!

Crazy washin' machine!!

So, our laundry room is situated nicely over the crawl space in our home. We never really considered this to be an issue until we started washing clothes! Our washing machine shimmies like a Beach Boy's song is playin' on the radio! It likes to move across the floor and shake any and everything off of it! Notice the 5 inch gap between it and the dryer? Maybe it has decided that the dryer has cooties or something. I thought it was our machine for a while and called a repair person. It was decided that the cause of the shaking was the hollow floor beneath it. I sure hope that it doesn't decide to move our laundry room into the crawl space!! That would be bad! The shaking has gotten really bad, so this is a picture of Matthew and Jess holding it down!! Matthew thought it was great!