Friday, March 13, 2009

Feel like a little Wager?

Well, a little wager with no real prize, just good old satisfaction of being right. Today marks my 39th week of pregnancy. I thought it might be fun to see if anyone can guess what baby girl's birthday will be. I keep telling myself it will be at least 2 more weeks so that I don't go crazy, but we'll see. A few stats to help with your guess:
Her due date is March 20th. T Jay was 5 days overdue, Summer was 10 days overdue and Matthew was born on his due date. The midwife I saw last week said that fourth babies don't usually go overdue.
And just a funny side note, while at the pool today (I know ND friends, sorry) a little boy about 6 years old asked me if I "had a ball in there." It made me laugh, because it definitely looks like I've got a ball in there!
Happy guessing! Oh, and by the way, I'll secretly love anyone who thinks I will go a little early, especially if they turn out to be right!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just leave mean out of the day.

We went to Orlando this weekend to go to the Temple, replenish Jess' work wardrobe and to visit our friends, Paul and Gladys. We had a great time. We took the kids to the Orlando Science center which was a huge hit. We will be going back soon! This is a picture of our kids with Paul and Gladys' kids.
I have two funny stories from the weekend, Enjoy:
We had lunch at the Panda Express at the Mall food court. The kids were really excited. After eating, we headed to do some shopping. T Jay was running down the hall with his fortune cookie in hand when he tripped and fell, sending his cookie flying. I picked it up for him (Jess was picking him up) and read the fortune that was inside. Ironically it said," Don't make haste, opportunity will find you." If only he would have read his fortune before he took off running, he wouldn't have "yard sale-d" himself along the food court. The food court spectators who watched this gave Jess and I funny looks for laughing at the situation. Too bad they weren't privy to the info in the cookie, they would have thought it was funny, too.
The next one happened on Saturday morning. The kids wanted to go swimming, eat at the pancake house and go to the science museum. Logistically, I thought it was best to swim first, get everyone dressed for the day, then eat and head to the Science museum. Jess thought that we should eat first, to avoid the Saturday crowds and then swim and then go to the science center. We did it my way (not really any surprises, right?!) but as we were talking about whether it was the most efficient, we started to get irritated with each other and I made a comment along the lines of,"well lets just start the day out with you being mean to me." T Jay was listening to our conversation and told me that "you shouldn't start the day out with mean, you should end it with mean." We laughed, and then after more thought, he said,"actually, you should just leave mean out of the day, ya know?" That was it, tension gone between us! Such smart words from a 6 year old. It's now on the list of favorite family sayings.