Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today is my 35th birthday! A milestone, for sure! In honor, here is a list of 10 of my favorite things for this past year:

1. My family. Jess and the kids make my world go round!
2. Food: Crunchy tacos
3. Color: Blue

4. Exercise: Running

5. Accessory: It's a tie between my red necklace set and my new necklace with my babies names on it. (thanks again Brenda!)

6. Favorite shoes: My Brown boots. Oh how I love shoes!

7. Activity: Riding my bike.

8. Pastime: Visiting with my friends.

9. Favorite dessert: Brownies and chocolate chip cookies. A tie, how could I pick just one!
10. Favorite date: going to see the BYU ballroom dance performance. Unbelievable!

Top 10 memories as a 34 year old:

1.We purchased our first home!
2. We finished my dining room table, finally!!
3. San Fransisco with Jess
4. Throwing Summer's Tea party Birthday.
5. Going to Harry Potter world at Island's of Adventure.
6. Taylor Swift concert with my baby girl.
7. Moving to California!
8. Adding Simon to our family!
9. Our trip to Cannon Beach, OR
10. Thanksgiving with all 4 of my brothers, their families and my Mom!