Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Jess and I are speaking at a camp for the young men this Friday. They asked me to talk about what I was looking for in a husband. I have been thinking about this for a bit, and I have come up with a few things, but I was wondering, What types of things are/were on your list of attributes for your mate? I am wondering how closely they mirror what I was looking for. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and I think it would help me sort out what to say on Friday. Thanks

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kenny's Graduation!

We went up to Pensacola last weekend for my brother's graduation from U of West FL! My HS friend Maggie (& lots of family) met me there and we had a great weekend! Oddly enough I don't have a single picture of us together! Here's me and Grandaddy.
Summer watching the Grads file in.
Grammy and Angel baby.
Pedicure time!
"I'm so proud of Uncle Kenny!"
My Dad holding Matthew.
Her pedicure is done, now it's story time. Who knew you could accomplish so much during a graduation ceremony?!
Happy graduate! Right before the rain began to pour!
I'm so proud of my brother!
Summer wants my purse!

Baby Girl is 4!

On Saturday, May 4th Summer turned 4 years old! Grandpa Riggs gave her a princess butterfly net, and a bug observation jar. He is trying to help her be a "tom boy."
She loves them! Hugs for Grandpa Riggs.
& Grandaddy!
The kids with Grandpa.
Summer showing Grandaddy how the net works.
"Aunt Sweetie Pie" getting Summer's Barbie cake ready for decoration.
Summer's face sums up the entire decorating process!
The finished product. Sprinkles anyone?
Aunt Sweetie Pie got T Jay an adventure kit for summer's birthday. He loved the compass and the portable radio and headphones.
She can write her name!

Grad Poses

It was raining cats & dogs after Kenny's ceremony, so we didn't get any great pictures. We decided to make him pose at Aunt Sherry's so we could take pics!
Kenny & Katherine
"Show me the money!!"

Fun at Aunt Sweetie Pie"s

It was all we could do to keep Matthew from falling into this fountain! He loves to play in water!
Summer, not so much. At least at this point. She did warm up to the slip N slide after a while.
T Jay loved it!
Katelyn, my cousin was queen of the slip N slide!

Smelling the roses!
Katelyn and Summer enjoying girlie time!
Sitting in the "man chair" doing man things! (TV)
Matthew finally got new tennis shoes! I didn't realize how crunched his toes were until they were really crunched!