Friday, July 30, 2010

Road Trip Stage 2 - Whitefish and Glacier Park

I had a really tough business trip I had to take in June. I had to go to a resort in Whitefish, Montana and hang out with the Governors of the western states. Although the hob-knobbing and food were great (my company sponsors the event so I got invited to all of the private dinners and parties with the governors) my favorite part was hanging with my family.

We started with a ride abord the Glacier Park Foundation train. This year was Glacier Park's 100th birthday and the BNSF railroad let the WGA (Western Governors Association) use their executive train for a ride from Whitefish to East Glacier. The train had modern engines, but all of the cars were the old luxury cars from the 1950's. We had a table in the last car which was the one with the high curved windows. The view was awesome! The first 4 hours was fun, but the kids didn't really enjoy hours 4 through 6 of the train ride, so needless to say either did Kelli and I!

The back of our car had stadium seating and a huge picture window. You could just sit and watch the beauty unfold around you.

Glacier Park Train Ride from Kelli Melin on Vimeo.

We spent one afternoon on Big Mountain at the ski resort. This is Kelli, Summer, and Lexi going up the chairlift.

Here is the man-lift!

This was by far the kids' favorite thing - the Alpine slide. We went down about 4 times and it wasn't nearly enough for them.

Getting ready to slide.

TJay zooming down the mountain.

We took the big lift up the mountain. I took TJay and Summer on an open chairlift, but Matthew kept saying, "I want a box" which meant he wanted to ride in the gondola.

We found heaven at the top of the mountain. Our kids have been begging us to find snow for a year now and we finally found it at the top of Big Mountain. They had an absolute blast. Matthew would throw snow for about 5 minutes then come over to me and say, "Dad, why are my hands so cold?". It was pretty funny.

Our Florida baby's first snow!

Here is my world at the top of the world.

Summer riding the lift down the mountain. It was the perfect day.

While I was at one of the dinners Kelli took the kids to the beach at Whitefish lake. We thought the water would be too cold to swim so they didn't take swim gear. But of course my kids are tough and played in the newly melted snow anyway! Growing up in Montana I can tell you that your temperature sensor is not as acute. We never had any problem swimming in really cold water.

We took the scenic route home from Whitefish.

Every time we stopped the kids wanted to throw rocks into some body of water. They could do that for hours. This is some of the coldest water you will ever find. It is fresh glacier melt and has the most beautiful green color.

This pic makes me happy and sad all at the same time. You are seeing me in my happiest moment, but I see my babies getting way too big.

Just a beautiful place.

Matthew is very excited about how big he is getting. "Dad - look at me. I can touch this tree without getting off of the trail!"

Just another pic of heaven.

Beautiful Summer in beautiful Glacier.

Doesn't it just make your heart smile?

We found another round of snow for the kids.

No caption needed...

Road Trip Stage 1 - Florida, Georgia, South Dakota, Montana

Hello everyone. This (and a few others) are guest posts from Jess. Kelli is on another one of her "Best Summer Ever" trips and I told her I would post some pics for her when I got home. I have been on the road for about 55 of the last 60 days so this is my first chance to fulfill my promise. Enjoy!
The first stop was Savannah, Georgia. Kelli's cousin was graduating from High School and the whole family came down and rented a house right on the water. The kids loved it!

Sum Sum, Monkey Boy, and TJay Bear just hanging out.
Aunt Susan, Grandaddy, Aunt Sherry, Uncle Steve, and Cathy. The best part about trips is getting to be with family! Kelli's trip this year will end up with our kids getting to see everyone on both sides of the family - all of the Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. I'm so glad my wife takes these trips. She is awesome!

Some really good looking lady with my kids.

I was a geography major at the Academy and have always loved maps. I still do. It's good to see that Matthew is following in my footsteps!

Cowgirl Lexi-Lou!

After being in the car all day Kelli stopped at Wall Drug in South Dakota and let the kids tame a wild Jackalope!

That hot blonde with my kids again. This time in the Black Hills Caverns. I'm going to have to find out who she is...

Matthew panning for gold near Mount Rushmore.

I have no idea where this pic was taken.

Modeling to be the next face on the mountain.

This is in my brother's back yard in Livingston, Montana. He has dozens of different flowers in his yard. Summer really took to tree climbing this trip. In fact when we told her she had to take a nap at my mom's house we found her laying down up in the apple tree in the back yard!