Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New year!

So I am sure that you all think that I have been blown of the face of the Earth! (It is extremely windy here in Livingston!), but we are here and doing well! We had a great Christmas here in Montana and have been really enjoying being with family. T Jay made good on his promise to leave Santa vegetables to help Santa "get healthy," and Summer danced for joy at her dress up clothes that she received. I always love watching the kids get so excited about Christmas. We flew my Mom out here to spend Christmas with us and had a great time. Jess' family has a Christmas Eve tradition where they pick a country and have a themed Christmas Eve party. This year we had Mexican and Jamie hosted a fun evening with yummy tacos and a pinata for the kids. In my family we always dressed up as the Nativity and read Luke 2. I will have to post some cute pictures from that. Summer wouldn't wear any of the costumes because they weren't frilly enough. It's hard to put some frill into bed sheets, but I managed to put a tutu on with it, and then she succumbed! What am I going to do with that girl?!!
Christmas day we stayed in our jammies til noon and then went over to Angie's (Jess' sister) house for an evening of Chili and games.
New years Eve we put the kids to bed by 9pm and then did a puzzle. (Melin family tradition) It was a nice quiet evening! Boy am I getting old! Jess even offered to let me have my very own 2 liter of Soda pop (Melin tradition) for the New Years celebration. That isn't quite as exciting as it must have been to him as a child.
We have also enjoyed going to the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Bozeman hot springs (I have got 3 major water babies!) and Jess has enjoyed a day of being manly working on the ranch with Mike and his Dad. Tomorrow he get to go out with Mike on his first day of work with WinData. They put up the Met towers that collect wind data for possible wind turbine installation. With Jess going to work for FPL Energy, this is really exciting to him. He and Mike are excited to be going into the same field.
Jess and I leave for Florida on Monday for a 5 day house hunting trip. I am way excited about this and hope and pray that we can find the right house for us! Wish us luck. After that it's back to Montana to load up our things and head to Colorado where the kids and I will stay until the closing of the house. My kids will be so spoiled by the time we get to Florida, it's going to take me a month to straighten them out! Yea for Grandparents!
Well, I know this is wordy, with no pictures (not how I prefer my entries), but I thought I'd give you a quick update on what we have been up to. We all miss North Dakota and all of our friends. Hello to you all! I will let you know how our Florida trip goes.