Sunday, September 11, 2011

Newborn pictures

I had newborn pictures taken of Simon this past week! Behold the cuteness!! I am so in love and thoroughly loving having a baby in the house again. So is the rest of the family.
A few stats about Simon so far:
1. He has pooped on me 3 times already in his short two weeks of being in our family! I made it through 4 kids without being pooped on. He is making up for the rest of them.
2. He had his 2 week check up on Friday. My little (not so little) sweetie is 10lbs!!! (birth weight was 8lbs 14oz.) He also grew an inch and a half in those short two weeks! Up to 21 and a half from 20 in. Busy baby boy!
3. He is a grunter. Grunts all of the time! In fact, he grunts to wake me up to feed at night instead of crying. I mean, he grunts to wake Jess up, and then Jess nudges me to get up and feed him!
4. I am 5 for 5 at creating pukers! I am very skilled at catching spit up! Any of you amateurs who hold him, beware!
5. Seriously so sweet! (of course)
And now on to the main event, naked baby cuteness!


Matthew started pre-school last week! He has been so excited about this. Technically, he is eligible for Kindergarten this year, as CA's cut off date for school is in December. I would be insane to consider this, mainly because number 1: he hasn't been to any type of preschool yet and, number 2: have you met Matthew?!! We were holding off for FL's free voluntary pre-K program, but since we've moved to Cali, we get to pay for pre-school instead! Joy! Matthew is so happy and I love hearing about what he is doing at school, so it is totally worth it. He is in Miss Hope's Afternoon class in the zebra room. His class is from 1:15- 3:45 on Monday's, Wednesday's and Fridays. I have him on a waiting list to get into a morning class, as that would make my life infinitely easier because elementary school is out at 2:50. We'll see, but for now, Matthew is loving his time in school. He has asked me a few times to go to a school that does learning. He doesn't seem to understand the learning through play concept. And really, if I'm being honest, the whole reason he is there is to help him with his listening skills and to practice staying with group activities.

I bought this shirt for him, along with another one that says "danger seeker." I'm not sure if I should encourage this, but they are so fitting because let's face it, he's totally a danger seeker and nothing seems to be too extreme for him. I guess I need to embrace it, and keep the ER number on speed dial. Oddly enough, I haven't used it yet!

Labor Day

Jess took the kids hiking at The Ridges for Labor day. Lexi is all ready to go.

It turned out to be a very hot, dusty hike that they shared with a few hundred of our closest friends here in CA! This hike will be reserved for spring, winter and non holidays in the future. Despite their faces, I still think they had fun. My Mom and I stayed home with baby Simon. I'm so sad I missed this one.

Seriously, so fun!!

About a week...

So I guess it's true, after so many kids, you kind of forget to keep track of certain things. I'm not sure how old Simon is in these pics, but it's around the one week mark. At least I took them, right?!

Sleepy boy.

Little Tootsies!

After his first sponge bath. He wasn't a fan, but really, who does like to be stripped down, wet and laid on a towel?!

Sibling love.