Thursday, August 20, 2009

We made it

Yep, we are home. Six weeks on the road and it's time to hang up our travelling pants, at least for a while. Florida welcomed us home with nice sunburns for the kids. I got so carried away catching up with my friend, I forgot to reapply! Before I knew it, four hours had passed by. FYI reapplication is necessary before that!
School begins on Monday so we are scurrying about buying backpacks, meeting teachers and the rest of the usual household chores-laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning. Ahhh, it's good to be back. I was gone so long I forgot momentarily which drawer housed the wooden spoons (for stirring, not paddling!) and our new fangled light switches keep throwing me off. (wide flat vs. skinny small) I am going to up load our photos from the summer right now and take a little stroll down memory lane. I'll post my favorites soon. Yep, back to the routine come Monday. I'm glad, I like routines.