Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's been a big week...

So I told myself about two weeks ago that I would potty train Matthew when I was out of diapers. Well, that happened about a week ago, so I moved on to a stash of Pull-ups that I had on hand. Monday I finally decided to do the loathsome task. I use a book called Toilet Training in Less than a day (T.Jay was trained in one day). Well, at least what I can remember from it. I had Matthew in the bathroom for most of the morning, so we brought a few toys in to keep him happy. All I can say is Matthew has quite the bladder. I gave him a ton to drink, and it took him over an hour to go the first time. He's not complete, but most of his pees go in the toilet and about half of his poopies. He says, "oh, I gotta go potty." and he runs off! It's funny, I told him that the pocket on his underwear goes in the front, so he runs around going, "where's my pocket, oh there it is!" I am also trying to convince him that he is not a rack to hang things from!
The Lab
My supplies. Lots of drinks, check. Towels, Check. Bucket for wet undies, check.

Summer "babysat" Lexi for me while I was working with Matthew. She was so pleased with herself!
Matthew posing in his new digs.

This is how he does it. Notice the toilet paper has already been removed. I re-rolled yards of paper already. If you come to my house, you'll have to take the toilet paper in with you!
And so it goes, wish us clean and dry days to come.