Saturday, June 19, 2010

Road Trip

Well, my dear friends, summer road trip is here again! We left our home on June 15 and headed to Savannah, GA for my cousin's high school graduation from Savannah Arts Academy. We spent two fun days with a good portion of my Mom's family at a vacation rental on Wilmington Island. 26 people in one house without feeling cramped! Amazing! Before we headed out of town, we made a stop on River street to enjoy some history before heading to Atlanta with my Mom in tow. We are spending two days here in Atlanta at another cousin's house. Here, T Jay and Summer have discovered the joys of the diving board. They danced, bounced, posed and robot-ed their way off the board! It was fun to watch, I remember doing the same thing.
Tomorrow we will get up at a very unholy hour to get my Mom to the Atlanta airport for her flight back to Co at 6:40. I will just head on my way from there. Talk about getting an early start! I am really going to try and get as close to Columbia, MO. We'll see if it's possible. The next days goal is Sioux Falls, SD. The day after that we are going to stop at Mt Rushmore and Deadwood,SD. The kids are really excited to pan for gold there! Then we'll head on to Livingston, MT. Jess will meet us there on the 24th and the 25th we are driving up near the border to Whitefish, MT. Jess has a business something or other there. While there, we are going on a train ride from Whitefish to Glacier National Park.
When we get back from there, it's a fun 4th of July in Livingston and lots of cousin and time at our Ranch.
After that,we'll head to Logan,UT to see my brother Kevin and his family and then down to Kanab, UT to see my Dad and Grandma. We may try to hit the Grand Canyon and four corners if I can take the extra driving. We'll see. Then it's on to Colorado for a couple of weeks.
My Mom is going to drive home with me. We may stop in LA for Summer, she's been begging to see where she was born. We are planning a stop in Pace to see my Mom's sister and my brother Kenny and a trip to Enterprise AL to see my friend Molly.
We will hopefully arrive in enough time to put our things away and welcome Jess' parents to the Sunshine state for a little visit during the hottest time of the year. They are all coming to help celebrate T Jay's birthday and Baptism!
It should be a wild ride this summer. I'll keep you posted throughout the summer. I hope I don't lose any of my marbles! See you in August Florida friends!