Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School!

The first day of school finally arrived! They have been so excited for Monday to come. T Jay is in Kindergarten, and Summer is going to pre-school in the mornings! They both had a great day and talked non-stop about all that they did at school when I picked them up. Summer's favorite part of her first day was coloring. T. Jay's favorite part was math time because they did the chicken count, which is apparently some kind of counting play off of the chicken dance. I don't know. But he loved it! They cancelled school today due to tropical storm Fay, so they were a little bummed. I was glad to sleep in a little and take it easy. Back to school tomorrow, though

T Jay's Sixth Birthday Party

We had a pool party at our community pool. The kids had a great time swimming. T. Jay is being Micheal Phelps at his party. Do you think I have been watching too much of the Olympics coverage? Nah!
Grammy flew in from Colorado for T Jay's birthday! The kids loved having her here.
We came back to our house for the snack, cupcakes and pinata. That fish was unbreakable! It's a good thing I didn't plan any other games, because the pinata took forever! They loved it!!
T. Jay just asked me why he didn't get 50 100 swings at the pinata. I don't think he realized that he almost did!
Aidan, Summer, T. Jay and Dallin
T. Jay told me months ago that he wanted a pogo stick for his birthday. I have know idea where he even learned that they existed, but after being told weekly for three months that he wanted one, I found this great beginner one from Fisher Price. He is up to about 12 bounces at a time now! I am so glad it didn't turn out to be one of those toys that he asked for and then never played with like his roller skates from last year!