Friday, July 11, 2008

Can't Turn your back...

I was looking at pictures today and I realized something! I thought Matthew was the only one I can't turn my back on. It turns out the others found their fair share of mischief, too. While Matthew is still the King of messes, the others at least made an attempt at the title! T Jay used to love to "clean" the toilet. I had to clean him on the occasion that he got hold of the toilet brush. Don't ask me why I'm taking a picture and not trying to get him to stop squirting lotion all over the floor! Our living room smelled like "Island Romance" forever!!
Shortly after Matthew was born, I was sleeping in our extra bedroom trying to get a few extra moments of sleep. I woke up to the sound of stomping on the stairs. I bolted up to find T Jay coming up the stairs to get dressed. I found out that he and Summer had been outside playing in the snow at 7am while I was sleeping! T Jay managed to put his snow clothes on over his jammies, but Summer went out like this! You'd have thought she would have realized she was missing something. She doesn't seem to mind.
This is still one of Matthew's favorite pass times.
This makes me laugh! This was when he was around 14 months old.
This Monday, I was trying to clean our house. I was interrupted like 3 times with a "Matthew alert" (T. Jay's name for it) The first time he climbed up on the bathroom sink and rubbed soap all over his arms and face and played in the water (a common offense), the second time he was playing with toilet brush and the third he pushed my candle off of the table and the glass holder shattered into a million pieces! I gave up on cleaning. All Hail King Matthew!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My little Fishermen

We spent a week in Titusville,FL with my Mom, my Aunt Susan and Uncle James and my brother Kenny and his wife Kathrine. Kenny took T Jay fishing several times and he is hooked!
He caught a few puffer fish.
I was really impressed that he would take the fish off of the hook and throw it back by himself. He is usually nervous about unknown things. He's getting so brave. The puffer is all puffed up. Probably didn't like the hook or the pliers on his tail!
Matthew loves fish, too! He doesn't love them in his lap so much! While he was petting this one, it jumped on to his lap. He wasn't a fan! Pretty funny though!

Monday, July 7, 2008

About your Hubby Tag

Here you go Alissa and Abby:
1-What's your husband's full name? Jess Aaron Melin (picture from our Wedding day, isn't he cute!)
2-How long have the two of you been together? We just had our tenth wedding anniversary.
3-How long did you date? About 10 months, although the actual "we're dating now" date is a little shady.
4-Who eats more? He does, although I could give him a pretty good run for his money. I try really hard not to, though.
5-Who said, "I love you, first?" I can't remember, but probably him.
6-Who is taller? He is. I'm 5'7" and he is 6'1"
7-Who sings better? - Neither of us sings well at all.
8-Who is smarter? We are smart in very different ways. He is extremely book smart and remembers everything, while I am very logical (I think of the obvious) and street smart and I remember odd things. Between us, helping the kids with homework should be covered!
9-Who does the laundry? Jess isn't allowed to do laundry because he just piles it up once it's clean. Any of you who know about my issues with wrinkles will see the problem with this!
10-Who does the dishes? I do.
11-Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do because I prefer to sleep closest to the door. I realize this preference also makes me the prime target for "middle of the night needs", but I do it anyway!
12-Who pays the bills? Jess does, he loves it and I do not mind letting him! He has pie charts, graphs and everything!
13- Who mows the lawn? Some lawn service that does the whole community.
14-Who cooks dinner? I do, but occasionally Jess will whip up breakfast or something from a box !
15-Who drives when you are together? He always does, I don't like to drive.
16-Who is more stubborn? We both are in our own ways, although I've got more stamina when it comes to being stubborn!
17-Who kissed who first? Jess did. Our kisses fit perfectly.
18-Who asked who out first? Our first date was an assigned date for a Singles ward dance. Oops, I'm wrong, our first date was to Outback steakhouse. He wanted to show off his new Jeep to me. I think we were still in the "friends" stage, but he paid so it was a date. Actually, I have no idea which one came first! 10 years was a long time ago!
19-Who proposed? Jess did. Even though we had talked about it some, I didn't even see it coming!
20-Who is more sensitive? Jess has a very tender side.
21-Who has more friends? Probably me, but I'm not sure
22-Who has more siblings? We are both from families of 5 kids, 4 boys and 1 girl. We are also both the 2nd child.
23-Who wears the pants in the family? I think that Jess wears the pants and I am the belt that holds them up! Without me, he's just mooning the world!!! Without him, I'm someone with a belt and no pants to hold up! We all have our jobs.
I tag Alli, Happy, Maggie, Tiffiny and Lindsay!

Parenting mistakes

I thought This was a great article on raising kids. Now to put it into action, Hmmmm...