Friday, March 18, 2011

A Little More Than Spilled Milk

I think I'm going to use Fridays to catch up on the past couple of months. Here's a good one for you. About a month ago, I was working on something and I heard Lexi scream out crying. This is what I found:
This bowl of Lucky Charms was on the counter, waiting for me to do the dishes. Lexi spotted it, wanted it and grabbed it. It was a little more than she bargained for!
At first she was really sad and upset that this happened to her.
But because I was laughing uncontrollably, she decided to join me. The marshmallow stuck to her forehead is hilarious!
Lucky it was so funny, because cleaning up the mess, not so much. Although I've had much practice thanks to another little monkey I know.
He is unsure whether he likes someone treading on his territory or not. He's used to being the only mischief in town.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Leprechaun Shenanigans

Last night when I went to check on the children at 10:45, T Jay was still wriggling in his bed, filled to the brim with excitement at the thought of another leprechaun encounter this St Patty's day. Well, he got one...
It appears that the little guy swiped some of my yarn and tied it to Summer's Barbie car and drove it all over the house, around furniture, outside, around trees, cars, swing sets and left us a nice St Patrick's day web! He seems to have crashed here and lost hi loot. His loss, our gain.
His escape route

He left us a note telling us that this would clean up his mess. It did not. Silly string makes the problem worse. And it makes little children shriek with joy!
The web out the front
Yep, we were up at 5:30 and ready for school! Thank you, leprechaun.
Matthew, armed with scissors to clear the way. After all of that work, the breakfast of champions.
Wait, he's still here...
Nope, it's just Lexi, enjoying her good fortune on this very lucky day!