Tuesday, September 21, 2010

T Jay's baptism

After T Jay's party, we shifted gears to prepare for his baptism. We did it on his birthday so he will always remember when he was baptized.
Getting ready. So sweet.
On the Wednesday before his baptism, Jess took him to the church to try on a white jumpsuit. He found the right size and hung it up in the dressing room so it would be ready to go on Friday. On Friday, when they arrived at the church, it was gone! Frantically, Jess called me, which caused me to panic. He called the missionaries to see if they knew where it went. They did. A boy was going to get baptised in Fort Pierce on Sunday, so they picked it up while they were at our building. The missionaries said they could bring it, but they would be late. A little stressful, but it all worked out. It was a wonderful day.
Butterfly kisses

This was T Jay's first grade teacher, Mrs. Taylor. She is now Summer's first grade teacher. Let's just say that she is the best teacher on the planet and leave it at that!

The crew! Jess' parents were able to come from MT, my Mom from CO, Great Granddaddy from AL and Katelyn, Aunt Sherry and Becky from the panhandle! It was fantastic having so much family here to share such a special day with us!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Super Spy

Since I decided to take the summer off from the blog, I am so very behind in everything. We have some great photos and memories that I want to put on here. I keep putting it off, trying to decide if it's worth the effort or not. I decided that I will post some of my favorite things so they will be included in what has become our family journal.
T Jay's eighth birthday was on August 13. He wanted a spy party. Jess and I planned a huge mission (scavenger hunt) to find and diffuse a bomb. It included walkie talkies, cell phone, binoculars, a BB gun, voice recorder, and plenty of codes and mysteries to figure out.
Here they are pulling their clue out of the lake.

Jess put letters to the clue inside balloons and the kids had to shoot the balloon to get the letters out and then figure out what word it was. It sent them up to my room to use binoculars to look out into the woods and read a sign which sent them to the dryer, where they found...

The bomb! Which they diffused by wacking it! Not normal protocal! They had tons of fun running from clue to clue. His birthday was so much fun.