Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Don't let the innocence of this picture fool you. This kind of shenanigans can get you a visit from the Po-Po! Jess got a new head lamp in celebration of the present hurricane season. He had the lights out and was bathing the kids and getting their jammies on with it on. One of our neighbors called the police reporting that there was flashlight activity in our house. At 10:45 pm our doorbell rang with two uniformed police and one undercover guy. My brother answered the door, and we laughed and told them that Jess is a nerd who likes to play with his hurricane prep items!
This is the proof that they were here, because Jess was in the shower. No, I am not handcuffed, I just happened to have my hands behind my back! They just laughed at us! Do you think they were disappointed in the lack of "action"? They looked ready for a fight!