Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 Months

On November 26th, Simon turned 3 months old! (Thanks for the stickers, Tiff!) Isn't he a little cutie pie! Seriously, I just want to eat him. It's frowned upon, I know. It doesn't change anything!

I guess by now he is 3 and half months. Here's what he is up to. He started laughing about two weeks ago. He's ticklish under his neck and under his arms. I love it when he laughs. Tonight he rolled over from his front to his back twice! Twice! Why won't he stay little? I just don't know. He has moved up to 6-12 month clothing, so he is cruising through the sizes (did I forget to mention that he's only 3 months?! Sheesh!). He is sleeping from about 9:30 or 10 until 6:30. He is also starting to move to a morning and afternoon nap, with fewer cat naps in between. He loves his siblings and spent most of today wanting to be held by someone. Lucky for him, there are 6 of us to choose from. Usually someone will comply! I thought I'd share some of his deliciousness with all of you. :)