Friday, June 20, 2008

Geo Caching

A sorry attempt at getting a picture for Grandpa Riggs of the kids together. He grew up in Kanab.
Ready to go "hiking." (It's Florida after all, hiking takes on more of a walking meaning!)
T. Jay takes the lead with the GPS. For those of you who don't know, Geo caching is basically using your GPS to "treasure" hunt by using coordinates to find a stash. Usually a box of odd items and a log book to sign. It's hiking with an added purpose!Daddy and the kids.
The kids loved finding this turtle. We also got to see a baby turtle as well. Very interesting. Matthew especially likes turtles!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dress Up

The Sheriff and his Deputy.
My little adrenaline junkie! Should I be worried?
Again, should I be worried? I think I'll be saying (or thinking) that a lot with this one!!
She's in heaven! Pretty dress ups and the camera is on her!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Surprise Trip...

Where in the world have I been? Well, this last week, just plain lazy, but the week before that, my brothers and I all flew out to Logan for Kevin's 30th birthday! His wife Nicole organized the whole thing, and it was so much fun. I took off with the little ones and flew across the country for the fun. At the airport I received a wide variety of looks ranging from "wow, look at that crazy lady" to "Umm, do you need help?" It was pretty funny, and all in all, I think that I did pretty good. We made it to Logan in time for a great surprise for Kevin. I will post the video if I ever get it from Chris (Hint, hint Chris!). We had a ton of fun hanging out with the Riggs siblings. After Kevin's, I drove down to southern Utah to see my Grandma. We had a great time visiting with her. Beware, blog over load follows this, You may even have to go into the "older posts" section if you want to see it all, but I guess it's been so long since I have posted, so here goes...

Logan city pool

While the boys went shooting, we took the kids to the pool. It was a lot of fun. The lifeguard caught T Jay with her buoy. He loved going down by himself.
I took Matthew down and he was a big fan. He has no fear. He almost drowned like 3 times, so I put a life jacket on him and let him do his thing.
Cute little Scott.
Foxy Mama Hailey!
The kids enjoying the kiddie pool.

Picnic in the mountains

The five Riggs kids. We're all grown up, at least physically!!
Hooray for the Birthday boy! Typical Riggs boy shenanigans!
My cute girl.
T Jay with his Riggs Uncles. He's feeling like a man.
Kev's adorable family.
Uncle Kenny and Matthew need a nap in a bad way!
" No, I don't, Mom! I'm fine, I promise!!"
My big Monkey boy!

Birthday Boy

T Jay peeled the carrots for Nicole to make Kevin's carrot cake.
Scott peeling his carrot with great concentration.
Summer was the washer. What to do with all of these great helpers?!!
Party hats are cool!
Kevin and his fire cake!
Junk food coma!

The Bonfire

Kevin and Nicole bought a newly built house, and haven't done any landscaping yet. This provided ideal conditions for the bonfire. The brothers and T Jay dug a 2-3 feet deep pit and filled it with wood. T jay felt like such a man for helping them.
Now, if any of you know the Riggs boys (my brothers), a visit wouldn't be complete without a fire (check), admiration of some kind of fixed up car, and some form of mischief. Now that the list is checked off...
Yeah, baby!!!
The fire was kind of big, so we all had to scoot back until it burned down a little. FYI, we had the hose there ready to go as a precaution!
Sitting around, reminiscing!

Logan River

On Monday morning while Kevin was running brothers to the airport, Nicole and I went for a walk along the Logan river. So pretty!
T Jay, the photographer.
Being an adventurer!
The kids with cousin Scott.
As we were getting ready to leave, Summer needed to go back in to use the bathroom. since she didn't have any shoes on, T Jay helped her get past the weeds.
Me and Kevin!

Kanab, UT

Great Grandma Riggs and her Great grand kids!! Cool, huh?!

Summer is always good for a pose
Great Grandma in Awe of Matthew's busy-ness! Matthew says, "you ain't seen nothing yet!"
The short orange colored building is where my Grandpa Riggs ran a bakery for about 20 years. The tall building next to it is where he ran a hotel for a few years.
Helping "Grandma Great" cook hamburgers.

They are posing outside the "bakery" building. My Grandpa put the petrified wood in the wall out front! I always thought that was cool. It's a T -shirt shop now. They lady told them that as recent as January they had someone come in and tell her that they used to come here and get the best doughnuts in the world there! Neat, huh?! And now I just need his recipe...
T Jay swept up the fallen blossoms from Grandma's pecan tree. He was very meticulous and very proud of his work.
Me and Grandma Riggs.
Me and the kids.