Friday, March 19, 2010

A 3 year old's St. Patty's Day prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,
Bless the food.
Bless to be safe from the Leprechaun.
Give all the kids their candy and chocolate.
In the name of Jesus Christ,
"I feel much better now."

Like I said, the leprechaun really freaked him out there for a little while. Now he keeps talking about how Leprechauns get into trouble and then give all of the children all of the candy and chocolate. Reasonable logic, I suppose.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A little Leprechaun Mischief!

Last night while we were sleeping, we had a wee leprechaun sneak into our house and wreak a little havoc! The kids warned me it could happen. They learned in school that leprechauns like to make messes and leave footprints. They also told me that if you caught one, not to blink before you made your wish, because if you did, you wouldn't get your wish because he would be gone. Well, they were right. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself!
Matthew was quite terrified at the idea of a little leprechaun in his house. Literally he was shaking. As the day has worn on, he has warmed to the idea. He even thinks that all the kids should get candy from the leprechaun. He has blamed everything (even the bite I took of his "dang quesadilla") on the leprechaun! Here he's pointing out the green footprints left behind by the wee fella.
T Jay was beyond ecstatic to find that a leprechaun did, in fact, choose his home for a little mischief spree! Here are the partially eaten candies, a packet of Taco Bell sauce and the little green footprints.

He must have used his magic (according to T Jay) to walk sideways along the oven and then jumped onto Lexi's tray and then over to the window where he escaped. Very nimble fella indeed.
Let's not forget his green mark on the milk! I really never knew St. Patty's day could be so much fun.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


On Friday morning, I was brushing Summer's hair for school. As I did this, Matthew was playing in the shower. I sprayed some detangler into her hair. She asked me what it was for and why I was putting it in her hair. I told her how it helped get the tangles out of her hair so we could brush it easier.
Fast forward to Saturday afternoon...
I was at the sink doing dishes when I saw Matthew out of the corner of my eye leave the bathroom with the detangling spray and head upstairs. Knowing that could only spell trouble (let's face it, trouble is his middle name), I quickly finished what I was doing and followed him. As I called for him, his response came from the girl's room. I found him spraying the detangler all over the blinds, which were all scattiwumpus, one side up and the other down. When I asked him why he was spraying that on the window, he told me, "the blinds are all tangled." I can't believe the things kids pick up, and how confusing some of it must be to them.
He also split his pants sometime between getting dressed this morning and the middle our church meeting. It didn't bother him one bit! I so enjoy being his mother. No seriously, I love it!