Saturday, November 10, 2007

T Jay & Summer-isms

I was sitting at the computer yesterday morning and overheard this conversation between TJay and Summer:
Summer: "I need to ask Santa if I can have a tiny baby girl."
T Jay: " You mean a baby doll?"
Summer: "no a tiny baby like this one." (I assume that she pointed to Matthew because he was right there.)
T Jay: "Oh, baby's come out of Mommy's tummies, and she doesn't have a baby in her tummy. After we move and get settled, then she can have a baby in her tummy.
Summer: "This baby is out." (Matthew) "and when it comes out, it will cry."
*As I was telling Jess this story, T Jay was standing there listening and clarified, "No, when the baby girl comes out you'll cry Mom, cause it's gonna hurt."

*What are they going to do if there isn't another girl in our cards?!! I love my little peeks into their thoughts, although, I am not sure where they get all of their information!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

We're back!

We are back from Austin! What a trip! A couple of people joked that we should eat and go to the bathroom before we come, and boy were they right!!! When we arrived, Jess was given a packet of info that was about 9 inches thick and directions to read it. Saturday began at 7am and we spent the day in orientation and company information meetings learning what each company is all about. We finished at 8 pm and headed for our room for some additional studying. Saturday was more of the same. We worked from 7am until about 8:30, followed by more study and interview prep. Monday was the first interviewing day. Jess was scheduled for nine 45 minute interviews. I helped keep him organized and where he was supposed to be. Tuesday he had six interviews and they went well, too. He had a results meeting and 12 of the 15 companies wanted to further pursue him (fly him out to the company and interview again). Five companies that really interest Jess are: FPL Energy in Juno beach, FL, CCS Fundraising in NYC, Shell Oil Co in San Fransisco, ExxonMobil in Houston and General Mills in Minneapolis. He will spend the next few weeks following up with these companies and hopefully we will have job offers and be able to choose what we are going to do by the end of the month.