Friday, May 18, 2007

another attempt at Jess' NY photos

This is the view of Livingston.
Jersey shore.
Mark and Jess on the train to NYC.
Jess in NYC.
This isn't the same picture, it's much closer. When Jess read the caption on the other one, he asked me if I had ever seen the "nose" of his plane in the air. I hadn't even noticed that it was up, but once he pointed that out I knew it wasn't his plane. This is a c-5.

Zoo Trip

We met TJay's preschool class at the zoo and then had a picnic in the park after. It was great fun. In this picture, T Jay is bringing Summer back from running off while I was waiting in line to pay admission. At first I thought,"oh how sweet, he's hugging her." But as they got a little closer I realized that was not the case!
T Jay in front of the Chimpanzee display. They are my favorite to watch. This one is sitting like an old man.
There are 4 or 5 of these photo ops around the zoo. We have a zillion pictures of each of them because every time we go, which is about once a week in the summer, they want a picture. What a waste of film!
In front of the camels.

Cool pics of Jess' landing in NJ

Jess in action! Looks like he's right on target to me! (cause I know!) Mark took these pictures of Jess' landing. It took Jess 2 hours to taxi to the parking area because the plan doesn't fit on that runway. I think that there are only like 5 in the world that are big enough to handle the BUFF! They had to have someone walk along the wings and then help them steer around things in their path!
I like this picture with the drag shoot following behind. T Jay saw the drag shoot when Jess landed after his deployment and he still talks about the yellow thing that helps Daddy's plane stop!
Big, ugly, fat...Fella? I think so!
Jess is showing Mark all of the immensely advanced avionics that he enjoys in his extremely up-to-date luxury plane!! Marks KC-10 hasn't got anything on this plane!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

TJay's program

TJay's pre-school had an end of the year program where they sang songs about Peanut Butter (you know the one!) the days of the week, music, and the flag. He was very in to it. Here he is getting ready. We got there right before they started, so when I saw him, he was looking around nervously. As soon as he saw us the big grins came out! What a great "Mom benefit!"
Here he is showing off the cowbell that he is going to perform with. This song was musical instrument chaos, but the kids all did great!
A song about an iguana. He put all of his signs right on top of his head!
T Jay and his teacher, Mrs. Novasad. He had a great time with her this year!
T Jay (& Matthew & Marcellina) with Mrs. Cornell. She is the other teacher in the team! This is her last year in the program, and we will miss her. Summer gets to go to pre-school in the fall. What a great year!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Matthew update

So, I forgot to put this in, but Matthew started crawling On April 29th. He has a very robotic crawl. It's very cute! I looked down into the family room and I couldn't see him, so I went down and found that he had crawled into the toy closet and was playing with the toys on the floor in there! we have to get the baby gates out because he has begun to pull up on the stairs! Such a big boy!!! Matthew getting a little "techie" on us! If we put him down on the main level, this is what he heads for!
Matthew gearing up to crawl.

Jess' fun weekend

While we were having a living legends weekend, Jess headed out East. Jess Did a fly over Laurel, MT for some kids in a program to promote flying on his way to the McGuire airshow in NJ. This is an aerial photo over Livingston, MT.
Mark is stationed at McGuire, so he and Jess took the train to NYC for some fun brother time.
Aerial photo of the Jersey shore. Jess spent Sunday evening at the beach.
Jess in NYC. They saw a lot in the 5 hours they were there. He will be a NYC pro when we all get to go!
This is at the airshow. Sadly, I can't tell if this is Jess' plane, or some other one! I know that's awful, but I can't! Big and gray is all I can tell!! I am sure Jess will tease me unmercifully!

Living Legends

This weekend we went to the Living Legends show. It is a performance done by BYU students who are from a Latin country, Native Americans, or from a Polynesian country. The show is divided up into 3 sections and they perform dances from the countries with in those areas. T.Jay loved most of it, especially the fight dancing. Summer loved it all. The costumes and singing and dancing were right up her alley!
These top two pictures are of Amy, who stayed with us Saturday and Sunday night. The kids loved having them with us. Summer kept asking where her dancers were! We also had Crystal stay with us. Crystal was a member of the tech crew for costumes. This picture is Amy doing the Hoop Dance.
Summer really liked the dresses twirling in the Latin dances.

Here is a picture of one of the Polynesian dances. The dancers really liked Matthew. I think they took more pictures with and of him than were taken of the Living Legends group. His feet didn't touch the floor for a day and a half!