Friday, September 14, 2007

New glasses

I got new glasses today! It has been at least 12 years, possibly longer since I have updated my glasses. I thought these were fun, so maybe I won't have to wear my contacts all of the time now! What do you think?
Side view. They have green and blue dots on the sides. Fun, huh?!

Northern Neighbors Day Air Show

The Thunder birds had to adapt their show to formation flybys, but it was still pretty cool, and loud, did I mention how loud they are?!
Do you like my "triple" stroller?!!
Matthew likes the Thunder birds, too! Look at that tooth! It's got a friend next door now,too and another moving in up top.
Daddy and his girl. (His other girl!)
T Jay flying Huey's like Grandpa Melin did! Am I doing it right Grandpa?
Summer and T Jay in the Huey. We had a great time. It was our first airshow at Minot in the three years that we have been here. We have been out of town for all of the others. Another check for things to do before we leave the military.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Labor day in Montana

So, obviously I have been blog-lazy this week. It has been a busy one. Here are some photos from our trip over Labor day weekend. We had a great time playing at the ranch.
View from the top of the hill at the ranch.
Cousins being silly.
Summer got to drive the ranch truck with Grandpa.
Heidi, T Jay and Danny enjoying the police boat sandbox that Grandpa made for them!
Test driving the new disc swing! All of these fun things make the ranch a great place to take the kids to play!
Here, Matthew went bobbing for apples, which looked more like "drowning for apples" in the wash tub to clean the apples. He did this like 4 times. I was paranoid that he was going to fall in without me seeing, so he spent a fair amount of time between the stroller, the backpack and in the swing until we were done with the wash tub. Oh yeah, and he was so dirty at the end of the day, I needed to wash him off. rather than putting him under the freezing hose, I rinsed him the the warmer apple water! He loved it and he even smelled like apples when he was done!
Two Montana boys!

Grinding the apples from the orchard for apple cider

Grinding the apples before we press them into apple cider. from Kelli Melin and Vimeo.

Pressing the Apples into Cider

Pressing the cider from Kelli Melin and Vimeo.
After the apples have been ground into the mesh bag, you close the bag up, put the lid on and press them. My kids call it "ranch juice!"