Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Progress Report

We made it to California! My favorite part of the drive was going through the Donner pass area in the mountains. It was beautiful! We have some history to learn about that area before we return there. California welcomed us with awesome chilly weather! (very pregnant, remember!) We spent one night in a Marriott, and then 5 nights at the Hilton. We looked at 4 houses on Wednesday, and the 4th one was ours! We signed a lease on Saturday and got the keys on Sunday. We slept on air mattresses that night. It wasn't too bad comfort wise, I can sleep anywhere, but we can't seem to keep our kids out of our bed. We woke up with Lexi, Matthew and Summer on the queen air mattress with us. I guess Jess only had his upper half on, but still! Comical!
I headed to L.A. on Tuesday with the kids for my cousin Trisha's wedding so Jess could get caught up with work. When we left, he had over 300 e-mails that needed his attention! Yikes! The drive was only about 6 hours and not bad at all. Although I will say LA traffic is insane! We arrived in time for dinner and visiting with my Mom's southern family. We got to see my Mom's two Sisters, Aunt Susan and her husband James and Aunt Sherry, my Granddad, my cousins Kristi and Katelyn, My cousin Wendy and her family, my cousin Clint and his family, my cousin Julie and her family and got to meet Trisha's Fiancee, Jeremy who seems very nice. While we were there, we went to Trisha's bridal shower brunch, the beach (which is way colder than FL) and several parks. Sadly, I didn't end up going to the wedding because I couldn't get a babysitter for my children. We spent the day at an awesome park. After the wedding, everyone came over for pizza and visiting. We also found out that there was a small carnival that was up and ready right across the street. I don't normally like going to these kinds of things, because, with 4 kids it is really expensive. Every ride is usually $3 each X 4! $9 a ride adds up really fast. When we bought the tickets, they were .50 a piece and the rides were only 1 ticket each! Score! Only $1.50 per ride this time! (Lexi was with Grammy) They got to ride everything they wanted! A great way to end our trip. My Mom made the drive home with us. It was nice to have company in the car. I am sure she was thrilled at the prospect of sleeping on an air mattress in our empty house. Our air mattress comedy was much like the first night! We arrived home on Friday and we were expecting the movers to arrive early Saturday morning. They did not disappoint! They were here at 7:30 with 12 people to unload and haul our things inside. They were great. They had all of our things in the house by noon and were putting the beds and tables together! Awesome! Then the real work began. Unpacking boxes is like the game that never ends. The kids have been building a fort out of all of the boxes, they think it's great! We are making progress, but still have a ton of work to do. It takes forever to wash everything, wipe out everything and then put it away. I think I'll be busy until I deliver!
Speaking of, everything is going OK with me. I feel like I'm 90 years old sometimes trying to walk around, but I'm getting by. My back/tailbone are really sore with this pregnancy also. I enjoyed that discomfort with Lexi's pregnancy as well. I have about 5 weeks to go, which shocks everyone who asks. Apparently (I agree with them) I am quite large. I really feel like I am at max capacity, so we'll see what this 'ole body of mine has left to give in these next 5 weeks! It should be interesting! When we get our computer up and running, our photos uploaded and I run out of boxes (which could mean never!), I will add some photos to all of these wordy posts!