Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New haircut

I got highlights and a haircut on Saturday. Here is the finished product. Having bangs again is taking some getting used to, but I decided yesterday that I do like it. It always takes me washing it and fixing it myself to really decide how I feel about it.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Our little monkey!

My kitchen has not had any peace for the past 2 months! I haven't put child locks on because I don't want to have to repair the cupboards. We are moving in 3 months and it will be one less thing to take care of. Anyway, he has been taking out the containers, towels, potholders and pitchers (those are his favorites) and distributing them around the house. Yesterday he figured out that he could climb the drawers, too. We also have to keep the chairs pushed all of the way in because he has figured out how to climb up onto the table. Yesterday I found him up there twice! He's such a monkey!
"See Mom, it does make me taller."
"What's this? Another drawer to play in?! Hey Mom, look more toys!"