Thursday, September 3, 2009


There's a quote from the movie Happy Gilmore that I love. It goes like this:
(After being reprimanded for violent outbursts on the golf course-referring to a broken rake)
Happy: "What! I didn't break it, I was just testing it's durability and then I placed it in the woods, because it's made of wood, and I just thought it should be with it's family."
This quote was brought to mind yesterday at the dinner table, and here's why-
I informed the children that they were going to start receiving two stickers each day, and when they had 20 stickers they will get to have an ice cream date with Mom or Dad. The kicker, they can lose stickers for making bad choices. So, at the table, we were talking about this and Summer was pushing T Jay's buttons. I informed her that was the type of thing that she would lose stickers for, once we began the program. She informed me that she "was just testing to see if that was an example of what probably would lose someone a sticker." Smart girl, perhaps a little too smart.

The Drive out

It was so long ago, I hope that I can remember all of the details. First of all, Any of you planning to take a trip with kids, whether it's for an hour or a bazillion hours, snack bags are key! 4 days of travelling over 6 days, and the snack bags combined with the TV/ video games and coloring books, I hardly heard a peep out of them. The trip went so well, I am planning to do it again next summer, only longer! FYI, snack bags were filled with all kinds of treats that I never allow them to have. (chips, packaged cookies and crackers, candy, fruit snacks etc.)
Our first stop was in Atlanta to visit my High school friend Maggie. We went to this fun lake with the kids. We also went to her community pool and the kids had a great time playing. Oh yeah, and T Jay threw up in the parking lot right when we got there. Little did we know then, we were gonna drag that little buggy across the country with us! Lo ciento, mi familia!
Should I be worried? (I say that a lot, don't I?!) My kids are crazy about these motorized cars because I won't let them have one. My theory: it's not a toy for us unless it wears the child out some how. Thanks for sharing, James!
Our next stop was to see my Dad in Tennessee. The kids had a great time tromping around in his back yard, climbing trees and getting dirty. They loved riding in the tractor with Grandpa. They also got to go on a boat ride. T Jay and Summer both tried knee boarding behind the boat and they both did it! Summer held on so long, my Dad was trying to dump her off. He finally just slowed down so she would sink. Good times.
My Dad lowered Summer out of the tree she was in. She thought that was the greatest thing ever. Me, not so sure.
Our last day of travel to get to C. Springs was in Topeka,KS and we stayed at "the BEST hotel ever!" It had a spiral slide. Ideal for kids who have spent a week in the car! Stay tuned, more trip pics are a comin'!

Monday, August 31, 2009

So, so behind...

I know I said I would get the vacation pics up, but you all know how it is, right? Well, School started last Monday and we are slowly getting back into all of our routines. Blogging should be one of those falling into place this week!
T Jay ready for his first day of first grade in Mrs. Taylor's class. After school he told me that, "Mrs. Taylor's class is AWESOME!!" That makes me happy.
Summer all ready for kindergarten. Her teacher is Miss Biernes, the same class that TJay had. She was so happy to be in T Jay old classroom. Her response to every question about school was to give a thumbs up and smile really big!
Do you think a little more discretion needs to be used around here?
Our little cutie! She is five months old now! My how the time flies. We missed her four month checkup due to our extended trip, so we'll have to wait until 6 months for some stats.

Here's our overachiever poised and ready to take off. I keep telling her that she is our last baby and I want to enjoy a non mobile baby for a bit longer. We'll see how much longer we get. Right now she is just practicing upward and downward dog and rocking on her knees. When I see her really working , I put her in the exer-saucer. Am I stunting her progress already?