Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Last Leg

Well, I slayed the puzzle, we (they) got the ranch house finished and ready for it's first vacation renters and we survived it all! It looks amazing!
On Saturday night, we stayed with Jess' brother Mike. He was a great host. He cooked us a yummy dinner and the kids had a great time playing in his backyard climbing trees, picking flowers and playing Norwegian golf. We went to Livingston ward one last time and then headed over to Grandma's house to celebrate cousin Danny and Uncle Mike's birthdays with a turkey dinner, games and cake. A family dinner was a great way to wrap up our Montana vacation.
Sunday night, we stayed at a historic hotel called The Murray in downtown Livingston. The only way they could accommodate a family our size was for us to stay in the Peckinpah suite! It was AWESOME! You know how I like things and places with a history and a story, and this place didn't disappoint! The third floor suite has seen visitors like Roy Rogers, the Queen of Denmark, the guy who does the No Reservations show, and for the last few months of his life a director named Sam Peckinpah, whom the suite is now named for.
We got up early on Monday, said our goodbyes to the family and headed out on the open road with Uncle Mike driving Jess' car behind us. The first day of driving was beautiful and uneventful. I love driving through the mountains. We got into our hotel, went swimming (of course) and headed off to bed.
At breakfast the next morning, T Jay was opening his milk carton for his cereal and his hand slipped and he knocked his whole bowl of Frosted Flakes onto the floor! Awesome. We laughed, he got more cereal and I apologized sincerely to the attendant! What else can ya do?! We hit the California state line about noon and it was an amazing site to behold. More awesome mountainous driving! We should arrivve ssoometime around 5:00.
Tomorrow we are looking at three rentals. I hope that one of them works! Keep your fingers crossed and the prayers flowing! I'll let you know how much longer we get to be homeless!