Saturday, February 20, 2010

"A" Week vs. "B" Week

It's been a while since I've visited, so I thought I'd update. It's been a busy week. Filled with what? I really couldn't tell ya! Okay, I'll try...
We have two types of weeks in our home. Week "A" wherein all things run smoothly (relatively speaking), mostly on schedule and end with a sit down dinner at 6pm before the kids 7 pm bedtime. Week "B" is a bit more lax, except for bedtime! We spend most days playing at the park, riding scooters/bikes/blades down the street, eating early, not cleaning and of course a strict 7pm bedtime.
Week "A" is the norm, while week "B" is reserved for when Jess travels. And boy is he travelling a lot this year!
This past week was a "B" week! Folded laundry stayed stacked on the kitchen table all week. (A massive "put laundry away" assault will have to happen so we can resume our family meals!) We ate dinner at 5pm, Tuesday being "cheap pizza" night and Friday Chinese take-out. I cleaned out my car and the garage while the kiddos wore out the side walk. Throw in no cleaning (until today!), a Costco run (a whole other post), ballet class, a girl's night to make hair bows, hours of Olympics (the athletes need me!), a day trip to Rockledge to visit a high school friend and top it off with an indoor camping trip (they are snoozing in the tent as we speak!) with the kids and you've got a prime example of a very "B" week!
Welcome back "A", I missed you!