Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just one thing...

We went to Jacksonville to visit my high school friend, Happy and her family the past few days. We had a great time visiting there. Thanks for the great hospitality, Happy and Jared! I am too tired to post anything except this one thing until tomorrow (or the next day!)
At a rest stop bathroom on the way home today:
Me: " TJay, will you put the toilet seat down when you are done, please?"
T Jay: "Yeah, Mom. It's what men do."
Does the general male public know this? Maybe he should teach man lessons!
Goodnight ya'll!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Times...

My pretty girl on Mother's Day.
Playing DR with Daddy. Scotch tape seems to be their miracle cure all. Jess has it stuck to him everywhere! Click to enlarge for the full effect! I wonder what he did to his eyes?
At least TJay said his heart was okay!
Oh, my poor babies. The "need for scotch tape" plague turned it's attention to them! At least they seem to have gotten the help they needed!