Thursday, April 29, 2010


So far, age has just been a number that I generally ignore. I mostly just base what I think my age is on how I feel, while embracing the awesome-ness of actually being in my 30's. In case you are wondering I "feel" like I am in my early 20's, and really if you count my "real age" I am! The other night Jess and I were talking about how old I was going to be this year on my birthday. In my head the answer was quick and easy, 33. When Jess gave me a screwy look at that answer, I recalculated and was flabbergasted by the reality that I was, indeed turning 34 this year. I lost (or gained, depending on how you look at it) a whole year! I think it's the first time, other than being in theaters with noisy teens and thinking, "stupid, noisy teens", that I have felt old. I think that my short lived fountain of youth is due to the fact that I have failed to keep my profile updated. Each time I view my blog, my profile's "32 year old Mom of 4" greets me as I read. So after a minor, "How'd I get so old, so fast" derailment, I'm back on track. I have made the updates and am determined to catch up and make the most of my 33rd year. Luckily I caught it now and not on my birthday. Who wants to age two years, all in one whack?! Phew, catastrophe averted. Back to "age by how I feel," hello 20's!