Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guest Post by Jess - Do I love my Prius?

People are constantly asking my how I like my Prius. First - the story. I knew we would be getting out of the Air Force and that I would probably be commuting farther than my typical 1 mile on-base commute that I have enjoyed for so many years. My 1993 Saturn still ran great, but had 240,000 miles on it so I figured I could spoil myself and get a new car. I searched the internet for the highest fuel mileage car and the Prius won by nearly every account. I called around and found a great deal for USAA members as long as I could pick the car up in Colorado. That worked just fine since we were going to be in Colorado for a week while I was between jobs. I called 2 months ahead and got exactly what I wanted (a fully loaded silver Prius). Now you have to understand, gas was not cheap at the time, but it sure wasn't anything like it is now. I am glad I got my car when I did, because they are nearly impossible to find these days! It drives like a regular car and is plenty roomy. We take family trips with all 5 of us in comfort all the time (at about 1/2 the fuel bill of Kelli's Honda Pilot).

Here is a picture of the gas station next to our house.

Here is a slightly blurry screen shot of one of the car computer screens. The yellow bars are your average gas mileage over the last 30 minutes in 5 minute increments. You can see that 20-25 minutes before I took this picture I averaged around 80 miles per gallon and the five minutes before the picture I averaged 100 miles per gallon. On the bottom is the history since the reset button was pushed - I averaged 50.5 miles per gallon over the previous 216 miles. This is pretty typical. I drop into the mid to low 40's if I keep up with the 85-90 mph traffic on I-95 on the way to work. If I only do 70 mph I average around 48 miles to the gallon. Around town I get consistently over 50 mpg.

So yes, I absolutely love my Prius!