Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Last weekend we went to Rockledge for the football game and to see my friend Tiffiny. Lexi was really excited to go! Notice her boots? You'll be seeing a lot of those!
The highlight of the trip! This is the tree out in front of Tiffiny's parents house. It's humongous and has a swing for each of my children- and that's saying something!

Matthew's favorite swing. Jess got him going really high! He has no fear, and cute, did I mention cute?!

Tiffiny, Chloe, and I

The kids at the game. It took me back for sure. I think the football games were one of my favorite parts of HS. I loved everything about them! Notice that Matthew only has one shoe. He dropped it under the bleachers. It was a long way down, too! I had to get a police officer to unlock the gate so we could go and find it!

The kids bombarded the firefighters who were on standby at the game. They were fascinated and the firefighters were really nice and let them climb in, around and explore the whole truck.

On Saturday, we went to Cocoa Village and T Jay wasn't feeling well. Look how sweet he is.

This was the favorite climbing structure. Since they are all in Gymnastics, it let them show off their tricks!

My Handsome Hubby!

Lexi's trick, even with the boots!

Cool T. Jay

Adorable little Chloe and me.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Summer's class has been talking about careers all month. Parents have been stopping by to share their jobs throughout the month. I dropped in to talk about being a Mom, and then Jess also stopped in to talk about mostly being a pilot and a little about wind development.
Summer's ready to go!

The kids had a blast with Jess.

Thursday, the kids all get to dress up for the career they want to do when they grow up and present a small report. It will be fun to hear all about them. Summer will be dressed as an artist!