Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I am so excited!!!

I am getting so excited for the Olympics to begin! I have been counting down (thanks for your countdown widget, Maria) and it's almost here. I have gone through my TIVO and set it to record as much of the games as I could find. My favorite events are: Gymnastics (of course), swimming and diving, Kayaking, track and field and well, EVERYTHING!!
I get so excited, my heart pounds and I get nervous as the different events start, almost as if I am the one participating! Funny, huh? I even noticed my self kind of swaying in my seat in '04 as the swimmers rotated in their strokes! How would they compete with out me?! On Sunday I was showing my kids what the diving approach looks like. It was fun to watch them try it out. It turned into a "is this how they look when they are spinning" game though. I even had a dream where I was down on the field during the track events.
I hope I don't rot my eyes out from all of the TV watching! I guess it's only every 2 years that an Olympics is on though, right!
One of my biggest dreams is to attend an Olympic games. Does anyone else feel overly motivated to be athletic during the games? I never run better!! Ha! Ha!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I think it's time...

For the past month or so, Matthew has been climbing out of his crib. At first it was only during nap times, and I would go and put him back in his bed once he fell asleep. Yes, I lock his door until he is asleep-gasp! I think the dark deterred him at night time, but he has since overcome this and has started climbing into bed with T. Jay after he's done playing around and decides that he is tired after all. Sometimes he will even swipe T. Jay's blanket and cover himself up. I guess it's time for a big boy bed.