Monday, June 13, 2011

End of school

The end of school awards ceremony. Summer earned the top reader award for the second year and got a shirt.


Perry Pride the panther, Pinewood's school mascot.

T Jay also earned the top reader award for the 3rd year in a row. Between Summer and T Jay, we now have 5 of these shirts!

T Jay also was awarded the reading award for his class.

Matthew with one of his many older friends. The 2nd grade went to the park for the last day of school. Matthew was thrilled to play with all of the big girls!

I gave T Jay my camera and sent him on his way to photograph all of his friends.

T Jay and his teacher, Mrs. Greiner. He loves her!

Mrs. Greiner's second grade class.

Happy summer! Lots of changes are coming our way. We will try and keep up while we are transitioning. The packers are coming to begin packing next Monday. I am leaving with the kids next Tuesday and Jess will finish up with the packers, cleaners and such and then catch up with us in Pensacola! Here's to a new chapter...

PInewood Derby

Our last Pack meeting in Florida before we got started with the Pinewood Derby. T Jay earned his Wolf badge, as well as a few belt loops. I'm not sure I have ever mentioned it, but I have been the den Mother for the past year. It's been fun

The weigh in table. I mostly added this photo so you could see how round my belly is! Seriously round!

Lexi hiding out behind the table waiting for her daddy to return with the pizza.

Matthew enjoying the games. Every time I ask him why he's getting so big or why he won't stop growing, he tells me, "I just want to be a Cub Scout." It is the most darling thing. He was thrilled to be involved with this event!

He's back! Daddy's girl!

T Jay and Summer posing in the winner's circle with an awesome 4th place finish! Way to go Harry Potter car!

T Jay showing of his Harry Potter car. The pattern on top is Harry's wand creating his patronus.

Taylor Swift Concert

The girls before the concert began.
One of my friends asked me back in February if I would be interested in taking Summer to a Taylor Swift concert with a group of girls and their Moms. My first thought was, 'Are you crazy, she's way too young to go to a concert!" But as I thought about it, it sounded really fun, if nothing else for me! So we signed on to go! I am so glad we did, it was a great end of school/last hurrah with our friends before we move! I decided to get a hotel room so that I wouldn't have to drive home so late at night. Summer and I left around three and checked into our room so we could paint our nails, fix up our hair and primp before heading over to the concert! Summer was in heaven. I am not sure if she was more excited for the concert, or to stay in a hotel together!

Summer and I. FYI, that's about a 27 week belly shot right there!
Our seats were amazing. They called it the sunset terrace. We were at the very top, so it wasn't too loud. They had a bar like table with bar chairs around it. There were only like 50 people in the section, so I didn't worry about Summer getting lost or taken. They had a buffet table set up for most of the night that had free hamburgers, Chicken fingers, fruit and cheese tray, veggies and a dessert tray. They also had a woman serving drinks all night! It was perfect. You can tell from the pictures that there was enough room between us and the other tables that the girls could get up and play around if they wanted! Such a perfect setup.

Summer, eating and showing off her glow before the concert.

The girls playing a game before the concert started.

Summer was very intently taking in her first concert experience. She was so cute. She also enjoyed dancing and singing along with the show. She was probably most fascinated with all of the costume and set changes.

Me with my girl!

Dancing with her friend, Emilie to one of the songs.

We had a great time at the concert! We got back to our hotel around 11:30 and fell into bed. The next morning, we had breakfast and then went for a dip in the pool before we headed back for the Pinewood Derby. It was a great beginning to many awesome girls nights to come!

1st Grade Luau

Every year, the first grade holds an end of the year Luau celebration. The children get to dress up, and spend the day rotating around all of the first grade classrooms playing games and doing craft projects. It's a blast.
Summer with her friend Karoline.

The girls of Mrs. Taylor's class: Karoline, Summer, Nicole, Emilie and Lindsay Where's Karoline? She's the only one missing from the group.

Summer and her beloved Mrs. Taylor.

Mrs. Taylor's first grade class with Mrs. Rebbecca, a classroom volunteer and also our next door neighbor.

Another awesome year for the books! Thank you Mrs. Taylor for being the most awesome 1st grade teacher ever! We may just have to return to Florida when Matthew is ready for 1st grade!

YMCA Mini meet

Memorial day weekend, the three older kids participated in the YMCA's gymnastics meet. They had a ball, and more importantly received trophy's. I don't have any still shots of them actually doing anything, because I was too busy taking video. but here are a few shots of them sitting and with their trophy's. But like I told you, the trophy's are the most important part. Matthew referred to the day as "trophy day!"
Matthew, with his class full of girls!

T Jay, passing time.

Lexi's "spot".

Matthew with Coach Ed. Matthew thinks he is the coolest, Coach Ed is so good with the kids!

Summer, waiting to go on the beam.


Summer with coach Emily

The three trophies!

T Jay with Coach Ernie.

We spent nearly the entire day at the YMCA for three separate sessions! It was also Jess and I's 13th anniversary! Where's our trophy?!