Thursday, January 14, 2010


On a whim, we decided to go down to the Keys during Christmas break. Our original intentions were to drive down to Key West, see some sights and then drive back to a more northern Key for a hotel room to Shorten the drive home. As far south as we are, it's still a good 5 hour drive without traffic. With, now that's a different story. We got about 30 miles from Key West, along with a bajillion of our closest friends when we decided to flip a U-turn and go check into our hotel and just have fun there. We had dinner at a nice restaurant, watched the ;restaurant staff feed some enormous fish, enjoyed a small Sunset Celebration and capped the evening off with a family hot tub soak. It was very nice and even relaxing.
Me and Hubby

At our hotel. Hammocks are on my list of top ten enjoyable things. Even with four kids climbing all over me, it was still great.
One of the reasons that hammocks are so great. The view!
Father/Daughter sweetness.
Father/Son antics!
Brotherly love.
The locals say that it's dead around there in September and October, so well will try for another Key West trip then. Any one want to join us?