Friday, October 3, 2008

All About Matthew!

Two years ago (Oct. 3), my little monkey Matthew came screaming into the world. When I say screaming, I'm referring to speed! He arrived after 2 hours of labor and 14 minutes at the hospital! He has been a ball of energy and excitement since! I am so thankful this little angel joined us! This post is filled with pictures celebrating what a special (& mischievous) little man he is. I had a ton of fun looking at the past two years of Matthew and it was hard "narrowing" it down to the 50 billion pictures I included in this post!! Enjoy!
T Jay and Summer meeting Matthew for the first time. Their biggest concern, his umbilical cord!
Grandma and grand baby # 10 (I believe)! Now she has 12 and two more coming!!
Grammy and Grand baby # 6! (Now she has 10 and one more coming!)
His birth announcement picture.
Story time is getting more crowded.
First Halloween!

T Jay showing Matthew the ropes of boyhood. Little did we know that he would need no encouragement in all things adventure!
My three little duckies all in a row! T Jay and Summer taking over Matthew's crib.
Me and my baby.
No such thing as personal space for Matthew!
Characteristic smile from our happy guy.

Adrenaline junkie getting an early start. It has just gotten worse. Matthew's 1st Birthday!
Just a hint...
Typical camera ham.
My sweet baby boy ready to be two!