Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On this date in history...

We welcomed our first little angel! T Jay was the sweetest baby. He is a sweet boy, too.
Then... and now! Wow! It goes by fast!
He told me this morning, "Mom! I just can't believe that I'm six!" I can't believe it either, punkin!! Happy Birthday!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Life with our Monkey...

Climbing on the shelf in the toy closet.
Wearing T Jay's shorts and tennis shoes. He loves wearing other peoples things.
Matthew's art work. There are probably 7 different places that he could have posed. We are going to have to paint over it because despite the fact that they are supposed to be washable, I can't get it off!
Do you think that I am giving him the okay for coloring on the walls by having him pose in front of his work?
Matthew and 1 tube of lip gloss. I think he missed a spot, yeah, the spot called his lips! Teach or not to teach, that is the question!
I promise I do watch my child, he is just really fast. Once I figure out and neutralize one set of tricks, he's on to something new! What a ride...