Saturday, November 15, 2008


Tonight we took the kids back to the park for a couple of hours of rolling in the sand. As we made our way home, it was getting dark. The kids went straight to the tub to wash away all of the sand that hitchhiked home in their hair. Matthew won that contest! Once they were done, it was completely dark out. They donned jammies, brushed teeth, said prayers and off to bed they went. As I got downstairs to begin my quiet evening I looked at the clock. It said, 6:34 pm! Oops! My kids usually go to bed between 7 and 7:30. It seemed like it was that late, but... I went back upstairs to offer them stories in their beds for a bit and I found Summer fast asleep and T Jay on the edge. He stirred when I came in so I asked him if he wanted to read for a bit. He did, so I brought him a few books. It's funny that even a week or two later, even I am having a hard time adjusting to the difference with the time change! I wonder what time Summer will wake up after going to bed so early? I hope that she at least sleeps in until 6:30 since it's my turn to get up! And yes, 6:30 is considered sleeping in around here, sad, huh?!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy's visit

My high school friend, Happy came to visit last week with her kids and we had a blast.
On Friday we took the kids to this park and we stayed there for like four hours! We got there about an hour before lunch and decided that the kids were having so much fun we didn't want to leave. So, I ran to Wendy's and we had lunch and then they played even more. It was so nice to sit and visit with Happy while they were completely occupied. I am taking the kids back today for another round!
Matthew ate like 7 orange wedges! He would eat them right to the peel to where there was a hole through the middle of the peel. T Jay also taught him how to put them in his mouth, too.
Summer. Teya and Happy at the park.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The Trick-or-Treating crew. Matthew keep saying "yee haw" and waving his hat! He was also down to his vest by the time we were done! The baby keleton and I both have fairy wings on, it's just hard to see them in the picture.
Summer was more excited to wear glittery make-up than she was about Halloween!

We had a party at our house after trick -or- treating. It was really fun. The kids loved decorating the house. I'll have to ask my friend for more pictures. Our camera was acting up that night.

Halloween parade & Fall Festival

T Jay's Kindergarten costume Parade on Halloween.
His class sang this cute song to the parents before they went out for the parade. This is right after they were done. T Jay was really excited to have us there!

Sheriff T Jay.

Summer's school had a "Fall Festival" on the Thursday before Halloween. Doesn't she look cute?! I find this funny because FL doesn't even have Fall! I also think it's funny that Halloween is totally unmentionable at some schools, and parade-able at others! T Jay and Summer's school are in the same district and everything! Too funny.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Life with George...

Life is getting very interesting with Matthew lately. This past week he gave me quite the scare. I was sitting by the door of our porch while the kids were playing out side. I always keep close tabs on Matthew because he tends to disappear a lot-and he's fast! I was talking to a friend and when I glanced back to check on him, he was gone. I immediately checked our neighbors swing set and he was not there. My next thought was that he went to the front. I ran around there and I couldn't see him. There were a few boys playing so I asked them if they had seen a baby come out there. They told me that he went in to the garage that was across the street. I went over there and peered into their open garage, but I couldn't see him! I started to panic, so I turned around and headed toward our house and called his name. Just as I did, I heard the door from the house of the people with the open garage door open and then close and then Matthew called back to me! He came running out of their garage and across the street! So, he had gone into their house through the garage! Argh! I have no idea if they know that their house was invaded by a two year old or not!
This is also last week. I put "Go Diego! Go!" on for him to watch while I took a shower. This usually paralyzes him long enough for me to get clean. This day, I guess he decided that he was hungry and went for the un-frosted cupcakes that I forgot about for Halloween! There was about a dozen plus cupcakes in there to start.
I have also cleaned up mashed potatoes, frosting, Red Crystal Light powder and just this morning an entire box of Honey-Nut Cheerios. My vacuum has cleaned up more food off of the floor than it was probably designed for, but it's keeping pace nicely!
Other skills Matthew has acquired are: climbing the book shelves, the toy room shelves, and the pantry shelves. He realized that he can haul his kiddie chair around to reach things on the counters or use drawers to climb. We had to turn the door handle to his room around to lock him in so that he will lay down and go to sleep. If he thinks he can escape, it's all he can think about! You should see how well he can hop over his crib gate!
He has also figured out that he is now tall enough to unlock the door that leads to the garage. I have found him out there quite a bit. I found that if I hang a step ladder over the door handle and put it between the wall and dryer that he can't get through that...yet. I have also since bungee corded the pantry shut. It's only a matter of time before he figures that out, but hopefully it will last us until we get our own place and I can lock every thing up properly!! It's a good thing that he has such an adorable smile and gives such great kisses and hugs. I'm not sure how I would deal with all of this with out them!

I voted!

I know this is late, but I wanted to document this. This is my first time ever going to vote at the polls. Jess and I have always voted absentee since we were residents of Montana and lived where ever the AF sent us. It was kind of exciting! I even got the "sticker." Fun.