Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sisters, Sisters...

There were never such devoted sisters...

Summer: age 5 Alexis: 12 weeks

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Last Day of School

It's finally here! No more shuttling kids to and from two different schools! No more rolling out of bed before the crack of dawn-well actually- (& quite unfortunately) that one will probably stick, but at least we can lounge in our jammies until the sun joins us for the day!
T Jay's class had their awards day last Wednesday. I messed up the times when I copied it in my calendar, so I missed seeing him get the Kindergarten reading award, but was able to see him getting his Math Superstars certificate and his Spotted Leopard (you know, 'cause he was spotted being a good citizen) award. He was so proud. I also go to see their "play" which was The Little Red Hen with puppets and hear all of their favorite songs from the year. All this while juggling a monkey and a cutie pie!
T Jay asked me to come and have lunch with him on his last day of school. He loves us to come and visit him, I hope this lasts forever. I'm sure that he wouldn't mind his Mama coming to have lunch with him when he's in high school! I'll keep dreaming!
Matthew loves to go for lunch, too. Do you like his sanity backpack? The sanity part is for me, not him. He likes to wear it, and I no longer have to be outrun by him in the halls. He hates to hold hands, but doesn't care if he's tied to a rope! Go figure. One point-Mom!
I don't have any pictures of Summer from her last day of school, but the whole last week she randomly broke out in tears because she was going to miss her school and teachers. The only thing that cheers her up is telling her that I have plenty of homework sheets for her to do over the summer! Boy do I hope that lasts. I know that once I discovered boys, sports and socializing, school work was definitely on the back burner! Any ideas on how to keep her from discovering these things, send them now!!