Friday, March 20, 2009

That Eerie Silence

You all know that eerie feeling, right? You know the one where you are in the middle of something and you realize that it is way too quiet for way too long. Yep, that one. Well, every once in a while, it turns out like this...
Usually though, this is more accurate.
He's very proud of his work. I have to tell you, I had to try really hard to keep from getting angry or crying so that I could document this one. I figure when he's older it will make my case for getting a good nursing home a lot better!
Nope, still no baby yet. I have hopes for this weekend, we'll see!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So far...

So, no Luck O' the Irish here when it comes to baby having so far. My Mom arrives today, so maybe the "you'd better not have that baby before I get there" directive will expire and we can get down to business! Just kidding, Mom! I'll keep ya posted! For now, here's what we've been up to:
Summer began taking gymnastics a few weeks ago and loves it. She has been furiously working on her cart wheels and has gotten a lot better. T Jay thought that "all of the stuff she gets to play with" during class was "way cooler" than what he got to play with during tennis so he opted to take gymnastics, too. I have a one activity per child rule, so he had to pick. Am I mean or what?!
On Sunday evening we drove to Titusville to let the kids see their first Space Shuttle. I forgot from my previous time in FL that when your camera sits in the A/C and then you try to use it outside, you get a foggy lens. So, all of our pics are a little hazy. We drove up just in time for the kids to climb on the roof (secretly their favorite part, I think.) and watch it go.
This is the best shot we got. It was a really neat launch because it was pretty dark down low, but the higher it got, there was more light because the sun was still in the process of setting. We hit two different sets of traffic (a wreck and construction), which does not bring out the best in me (I get really irritable). We added an extra hour and a half on to our drive. I am glad we went, though.
Here is our little Irish Princess for St Patty's day. When asked to lay her clothes out, she found every green article of clothing that she owns! It is really hard for me to let her dress herself some days. This one didn't turn out as bad as I initially thought.
I learned something new yesterday. I didn't know that Leprechauns were mischievous. T. Jay was telling me all about his classroom run ins with a naughty leprechaun. Apparently I need to read up on the traditions and fables of St. Patty's day.