Friday, August 10, 2007

Matthew has got skills!

Look at our big boy! He has learned so much this past month. In the picture, you can see he has learned to stand by himself. He can do this for about 10-20 seconds, depending on how excited he is. On August 7th, he said his first word. I had just gotten him out of his crib and took him to look in the mirror. I was holding him close and he laid his head against me and said,"Mama!" Of course my heart melted. He has also learned to nod his head, yes. I asked him if he liked what he was eating, and shook his head. It's very cute! He is also an accomplished climber. I can't believe that he is getting so big! My sweet little mama's boy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our travel map.

Boy do we have a lot of places to visit! I know Tiffiny could almost black the map out!! You go!!

My celebrity look-a-likes

I am not really sure how all of these fit me, but here they are. Oprah Winfrey was on my list, too!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pickin' and a grinnin'

Matthew has discovered his nose! Sometimes he goes to suck on his finger and aims too high and ends up like this. Other times, this is just where he was aiming! Funny thing is that he still looks cute,even with his finger stuck up his nose!

New fence

We got a free fence through the self help store here at the base, we just had to install it. Here Summer and TJay are "helping" Jess by holding races on their new "track." On you mark, get set....
Here is the almost half way point. Due to the location of the underground high voltage wires, we were only able to fence about a third of our yard, which is sad because it is such a big yard. I told Jess I would rather have a small fenced in area that could coral the kids rather than a huge yard that I had to watch them every second. (our house backs to the main road here on the base).
Matthew is trying to watch the others from the window. He was stuck inside with me while I did my Monday cleaning.

Laundry day

Who knew that laundry day could be so much fun! Matthew catching a ride on the laundry express.
He thinks it's a great ride!
TJay, reminiscing of the days that he fit in the laundry baskets and got to be carried around. Just so you know, this day is monumental because I started and finished all of the laundry in the same day!

They think they can dance!

TJay and Summer dancing from Kelli Melin and Vimeo.