Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fifty Nifty United States

If any of you are wondering about the decrease in posts as of late, I can explain. One computer, 5 people waiting in line for it! All three of the older kids are obsessed with PBS kids! We have had to start locking the computer when we are away from the desk to ensure that Matthew doesn't hack into the Pentagon when we aren't looking! I am left with limited, odd hours to do (or not do) my thing.
On Wednesday night while eating dinner, T Jay asked me if there would be anymore report cards sent home during this school year. I told him there would be one more.
"Promise me that if I get an "N" (needs improvement) in Social Studies that you won't get mad?" he said. I then asked him why he thought he might get an "N". He told me how his class has been working to memorize the 50 states in alphabetical order using the "fifty nifty" song. You remember the one? If not, listen to it here. Is it stuck in your head now, too? :) He told me that his teacher said that if they didn't have the states memorized that they would get an "N" in Social Studies. (Remember-this is a 7 year old take on what she said, her exact words and meaning could be way off! Trust me, I've been a victim before!) I asked him when he had to have it ready by. Of course his reply was, "Tomorrow." Great! So to work we went. The first time through, he got maybe 40% of it right, but after about an hour to an hour and a half, he had it down! He now serenades me throughout the day with those darling nifty fifty united states! It's fun to watch them struggle (not this part), practice and then master something (this part)! Now Summer has had the You Tube video on repeat and is determined to learn it herself. I swear I was much older when I didn't learn it in school! I could only ever get through the A's!