Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The kids are on a roll lately!
TJay wanted Jess to set up the Play Station this morning so he could play. I let him watch a movie yesterday morning and he ended up missing the bus to school. This morning I told him that we weren't going to play Play Station or watch TV before school. Jess went downstairs to get the kids to play with him for a bit since he is off to Houston today for another follow up interview trip. (Exxon Mobil) We just got the kids a Little People Nativity and Jess suggested that they play with this. T Jay still being angry that he can't play Play Station or watch Kim Possible said (very angrily),"I don't want to play that, it's way to Jesus-y." I have never heard that term, I think he made it up!
Of course we had a talk about having to be nice to people if you want people to listen to or play with you. The kids are keeping me on my toes for sure!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"So the Drama"

T Jay and Summer like to wake up early. Today was no different. 6 am and they were both flopping around on our bed, waiting for me to give them permission to get up. The more they wiggle, the earlier it is! I sent them both downstairs to play. I could hear them playing "Kim Possible" when Summer started crying due to some sort of injury. Bodily or emotional, I'm not sure. She stomps up stairs and goes into her room. My eyes are still closed, but I bet she flung herself on her bed!
This is her song of sorrow, (she's singing this) "I can't do anything cool, I'm not pretty I just like to dance." Jess and I are laying in bed listening to her and we just burst out laughing and called her in to talk to her. She came skipping into our room, saw that Jess was home and gave him a huge hug! She said that T Jay was being mean to her and that's why she was, "a little bit sad." I tell you this story not only because it's hilarious, but to pose a question. If this is what raising a three year old girl is like, what should I be doing to steel myself for puberty? I am a little bit scared!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

School pictures

T Jay age 5 Kindergarten.
I took Summer and Matthew to T Jay's school to get their pictures taken so they would all look the same. I think that they all look really cute!
Matthew Age 1 Summer age 3

Sunday, November 25, 2007

T Jay's thoughts on Santa

A week has passed and a lot has happened! We decided to go to Montana for Thanksgiving at the last minute! Jess was able to get his ranch fix, we got to meet our newest niece (Hannah Gray), swim at Bozeman hot springs and the kids got to be spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa! They were beginning to go through withdrawals, so it was good for them to get a fix.
We decided that we are going to go to Montana for Christmas this year. We asked the kids if they thought that was a good idea. They were excited, but T Jay paused after a bit and asked how Santa would know that we were going to be in Montana and not at home this year. I told him that we could tell him in the letter that he wrote telling Santa what he wanted for Christmas. At the moment this seemed fine to him and he went on his way. During the drive home, T Jay pipes up, "Mom, we don't need to write Santa a letter to tell him we'll be in Montana for Christmas. I'll say a prayer and Heavenly Father will tell him." I told him that he should still write a letter telling Santa what he wanted. When I asked him what he wanted, he told me that it was a secret. That Santa would know.'s this going to work?!! He did pray that Santa would get him some kind of Transformer airplane toy. I think he might be a little confused as to where Santa fits into things!
Today, we put our tree up and a few of the decorations around the house. At one point T Jay tells me," Since Santa Clause is so fat, we could put a treat out for him called vegetables so he can get healthy."