Friday, February 13, 2009

35 weeks

Here I am at 35 weeks. I'm still not ready to begin the "we're almost there" countdown. 5 (maybe 6 or 7) weeks still seems far away! Baby is growing away and we are just waiting. I continue to receive great pictures of myself with a really large belly from the kids and lots of endearing belly rubs and belly hugs from the kids. I think they are ready to start counting down, they keep asking, "When is March going to be here?"!
In case you couldn't see just how big the belly is, here's a close up. Matthew was my photographer again!
On a high note, I went to a Chiropractor this week to see if he could help with a pain in my lower spine region. It turns out that the way my spine was positioned, it was making one of my legs almost 2 inches shorter than the other! My body is getting used to being upright, and I hope the irritated nerve calms down soon. He said delivery should be even easier with everything in the right place! Yea!! By the way, thanks for all of the great baby names. I'm sure that it will be a last second decision, because that's kind of how I roll with names! If you have any last minute ideas, please share!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Names are important. That's the bottom line. I have been asked by many people if I have picked a name for our new baby girl yet. I really haven't. I'm a little stumped, so I am enlisting all of my blog friends to help me out. I really only have one criteria. It has to be sing-ably great! For example:

Just kidding, I just think that's funny!
Thanks for the help!