Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This is the only way to fly!!! It's an Ergo baby and it is the best baby carrier ever! It is small, simple and puts all of the baby's weight on your hips. I wore it all day and was not uncomfortable at all!
Jess thinks this is the happiest place on earth, too!
Making good use of their "line time." By the way, "fast passes" are the only way to go.
Matthew ran in circles for 20 minutes while we waited for Jess and T Jay at splash mountain. Run down the slide, around, up the ladder & down. Repeat!
Summer being silly while T. Jay is getting the bajeezies scared out of him on the Stitch ride! Seriously, if you go there with younger kids, think twice. T Jay, while I know he has a tendency to be easily frightened, was scared for at least 20 minutes after. We went to the Monster's Inc. Laugh floor to lighten the mood. He kept asking, "This is funny, right? Not scary."
T Jay and Buzz
Pretty Kool Kiddie Kats, eh?!!
Ahh the life of an 18 month old is grand. What I would have given to ride around with my feet up taking a nap! Now all he needs are some grapes and a fan!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Turtle Fest 2008

We went to our favorite beach for their annual Turtle fest to raise money for the sea turtle rescue center. We had a fun time learning about sea turtles. This one's a little scary, though. He's got those shifty eyes.
One of the rescued Sea turtles being rehabilitated.
Enjoying an ice cold lemonade. One of the best I've had. Can't beat it on a hot day.
T Jay and his snow cone.
When Summer drinks, she never lets go of the straw. We don't share drinks with her! :)