Monday, October 27, 2008

Girls Weekend

Maggie, Tiffiny and I have been friends since we met on the JV Cheerleading squad in 10th grade! That's going on 16 years!!! Holy Cow, is that right! We have been friends ever since! We got together this past weekend to catch up and let our kids play. We had a great time going to the park, zoo and playing at Tiffiny's parents house. It was such a great weekend, I can't wait to get together the next time!

Fountain Park

I uploaded these pictures in reverse order, oops. Summer slipped and hit her head on the ground. Matthew brought her the flower in her hair to make her feel better.
Somehow, I forgot to pack her swim suit, so after some convincing and a little pouting, she played in her undies. She had a great time.
Matthew spent the bulk of his time running away! I counted it as my exercise for the day, he's fast!

Maggie and Tiffiny.
James, T Jay and Matthew in the fountains. They had a great time! It was so fun to watch our kids interact and enjoy the places we went. We had a great weekend!


We were able to catch a few minutes of clear skies to go to the park near Cocoa Village. They were having a "Buddy Walk" to raise money for children with Downs Syndrome so they had several types of animals at the park. The kids loved it. There was a little pony that they could have ridden, but they just wanted to play.
Summer kept posing and then saying, "look at me!" I thought that was funny, and cute!

I love his concentration. He was very proud of his monkey barring, because he could, "keep going over the space." I remember when those kinds of things made me happy. I guess they still make me happy when my kids do them!
Matthew loved watching this turtle that was crawling around in a wash tub. My very own Curious George.

Boo at the Zoo

We wanted to take the kids to the Boo at the Zoo on Friday night. I forgot to put my kids costumes in the car, so we had to improvise with dressing up. Tiffiny had a little rocker costume for Rhett, so Matthew was the same thing. I wished we got a picture of them together. They had blue spray in their hair, fake tattoos on their arms and guitars to carry.
Rhett gave Matthew this tool set for his birthday, so T Jay borrowed it for his"costume." He's proud of his tattoos. They were very novel since I have never let him wear them before.
Summer borrowed Matthew's onesie, and Tiffiny's Cheerleading hat and skirt from High School and she was ready to go! When we got there it was raining pretty good and we decided that it would be insanity to take all of the kids out and walk around in the rain! After all of that costume improvising, we bagged it and went to Coldstone!

Fishing At the Dock

Mrs. Grassman took T Jay and Summer across the street to fish in the river while the younger kids napped. TJay loves to cast the rod out and then reel it in, then cast it out again and on and on. I'm not sure if that's the most efficient way to fish, but it's fun. He's getting pretty good at it, too.
Summer getting help casting from Mrs. Grassman. Such a cute picture!

Time to get dirty!

Tiffiny's parents have an awesome yard and my children absolutely loved playing out there every chance they could get this weekend! Boy did they get dirty! It took practically an entire box of wipes to get them presentable enough to go to the zoo! I know, I was too lazy to give them a full on bath.
T jay had a great time with this rope swing. He played "Tarzan" and also learned how to climb up the rope. He is resting here. I was afraid he was going to have blisters all over his hands. He is very persistent when learning something new.

The highest he was able to reach. He's hoping that the next time he will be able to go all of the way to the top!
James enjoying the swing with his Mommy.
Summer giggled and giggled on this disc swing. I think that she was the dirtiest of all of them!

Boo at The Brevard Zoo, Take 2

We were in luck on Saturday night. The weather was great! Tiffiny and I didn't bother with round two of costumes. I drove home afterwards, and just wasn't into the effort. The kids didn't seem to care. The three of us created some cute kids, huh?! L to R: Matthew, Summer, T.Jay, James (Maggie) and Everett (Tiffiny).
I thought this guy was cool. I tried to get TJay to take his picture with him when he was giving out candy, but he was too nervous. On our way out, we saw him on the fence.
James, Summer and TJay thrilled with their candy collection.
After the zoo, we headed home and arrived about 10:15 pm. It was an awesome, yet tiring weekend!