Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back in the swing

It's been a good month since I've dusted off the mouse and navigated my way here! It's been busy, too. We've had our annual cookie decorating party, all of the Christmas festivities, a week and a half in Montana, and the disastrous aftermath as a result. Believe me when I say, it ain't pretty. I have managed to get the outdoor decor down, but we are still full up Feliz Navidad inside! With a little luck, all will return to it's natural order this week. (somewhat order, if I'm being honest!)
I got a new camera for Christmas, so I am taking up photography! I love it. I took over 3000 photos on our trip to Montana, but don't worry, Jess got it down to about 800! Hopefully throughout the next week, I can share a few of my favorites with you as I catch up (oh, the laundry!) in my life. For now, here is my favorite:

Jess, enjoying the view from our ranch.