Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Bye "Timber"

We finally said goodbye to our little tree, "Timber." The kids got all safety geared up and got to use yet another form of saw. This thrills me of course.
T Jay getting the job started! It did smell really good while they were cutting. I think it's one of my new favorite smells. " 'Lotta sap in there, a lot of sap."
Even Summer gave it a try! She doesn't need those cute little piggy's does she? At least our Monkey was asleep for this fun!

This was by far one of the smokiest fires I have ever seen! The kids wanted to roast S'mores over Timber's fire. I'm always up for that!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Visit from Grandpa Riggs

My Dad came to visit us this past weekend! We had a great visit. He got to see where Jess works, followed by a seafood dinner. Saturday was filled with completing a "honey do" list that would have taken Jess at least 6 months to do on his own as well as lots of other fun. FYI, we now have hot water in our guest room shower! hint, hint! Anyway, here is grandpa heaven in photos:
T Jay and Grandpa made a stool to go by T Jay's bed. I wasn't hugely keen on my 6 year old using a circular saw, but he loved it!
Summer helping Matthew with the tools a safety gear.
Time for the jig saw.
It was chilly, but we went swimming so grandpa could swim with the kids. I was the video/photographer, so I didn't "get" to swim. Darn it!
T Jay showed Grandpa how he could swim all of the way across the pool!
They built a train and played "train yard" for hours.
Fishing at the Pier. The only fish they caught was a puffer fish. Maybe next time. At least they got real hooks this time!
Biking around the neighborhood. T Jay also learned how to ride a two wheeler, I will post a video later.
We played baseball and tennis in the driveway.
Fed the neighborhood sand hill cranes.
And bedtime stories. We had a great time, thanks for coming to visit Grandpa!!


I think I've written about this before, but I LOVE homemade donuts. I can pass up donuts from any store all day long, but hot, fresh, right off the stick-completely irresistible! My Dad taught me how to make them during his visit! It was my favorite part about his trip! Here he's getting the dough ready.
Rolling it out and cutting the donuts. He is using the donut cutter from his Dad's bakery where he worked as a kid. He said I couldn't have it yet, but that he'd will it to me. Do you hear that brothers? Me!
Putting them on a floured tray for a second round of raising.
This is my favorite part! After you take it out of the hot oil, we put them on this stick and put the glaze over them. They are so yummy "hot off the stick!" It's really the only way I like donuts. FYI I think I ate 4 donuts! Slight sugar shock, but totally worth it!

The little Samplers thought they were pretty tasty, too! Thanks Dad!