Friday, June 5, 2009

A Thousand+ Miles last Weekend

Last weekend, Jess took Thursday and Friday off of work and we drove to Atlanta. My cousin was having some of her photography work displayed in a gallery show and several family members were making the trip, so we thought we'd join them. The trip was about 580 miles and it took us 12 and a half hours to get there! I forgot how time consuming it is to nurse a baby on the road. The kids were really good in the car, praise everything for the invention of DVD players in cars! We had a great time visiting with family! Totally worth the trip!
On Friday we went to a place called Monkey Joe's. It is full of inflatable bounce houses, slides and obstacle courses. After a day in the car, it was just what the Dr. (Dr. Mom) ordered. The kids played there for over three hours. Exhaustion followed. Friday night we went to see the gallery show in Buckhead. It was fun to be out with Jess.
Saturday, we got up at the crack of 7:30 and after a slightly lazy morning headed over to my high school BF, Maggie's house. The kids played and we had lunch and went to a park. Later that night, we all met at Stone Mountain for the nightly Laser light show. It was a blast for everyone accept Summer. She said it was not her favorite thing and she did not want to go back. She didn't like the noise from the fire works. In fact she said it was the worst day ever!
Maggie, Me and Lexie at Stone mountain.
Jess and the kids watching the show. I went to Walmart before hand and bought a bunch of glow sticks and toys that spun and lit up colorfully. T Jay asked me if he could have one of the light up swords that the vendors were selling. I told him that they were too expensive (x4 mind you) and that's why I got them the ones that spin. His response, "oh, they cost money?" Me: "yep." T Jay: "And they're just not worth it." Ahh, sweet T.Jay, nope they just aren't worth it!The whole crew! We had to walk probably a mile from the parking lot. Luckily I had both of my baby carriers in the car. (FYI the Ergo baby wins by a mile) Why didn't we use the stroller you ask?
Priorities! Jess thought it was hilarious that passers by would look at us, see me carrying two children and then see him with his "beer" or in our case, water cooler nestled safely in the baby's car seat! We were in the heart of the south, so maybe no one even thought it was odd!
Speaking of odd, or better yet scary, while Jess and I were driving around in Atlanta, I saw the craziest thing! We were waiting at a light behind an old Buick or something and all of the sudden I saw the barrel of a shot gun poke out the window! I kid you not. A teenage boy was sitting in the passenger side and decided to take a peek through the view finder while they were waiting at the light! And I'll just say that they didn't look like they were going or had been gone hunting! Weird. Yes, we hung back a little!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I've been informed...

(according to T.Jay) that if I were still wearing diapers (for some odd reason) the size I would wear would be 150 thousand! Alexis is in size 2, Matthew in Size 5 (until they run out- wish me luck on that one!) and me, 150 thousand. Do think that will fit on the diaper? How would we tell mine apart from the others? Something to think about.